[A] Vox 15/16H 25 Man Recruiting!

<Vox> is a 25 man raiding guild located on Kel'Thuzad. We are recruiting people who know their class well, who keeps up to date on your class, and your class changes. Including people who are able to be aware of their surroundings, know the fights/are willing to pay attention and learn fights as well as not standing in fire and dying.

Current progression
Mogu'shan vaults 6/6 Heroic.
Heart Of Fear 6/6 Heroic
Terrace of Endless Spring 3/4 Heroic

Raid Times
Tuesday- 7:00pm- 10:30PM Server time (MST) 9:00pm-12:30 (EST)
Wednesday- 7:00PM- 10:30PM Server time (MST) 9:00pm-12:30 (EST)
Thursday- 7:00pm-10:30PM Server time. (MST)' 9:00pm-12:30 (EST)

Current Recruitment Needs

Tank - OPEN

Healers - OPEN
    Disc Priest - HIGH
    Holy Pally - MEDIUM

    Rogue- LOW
    Death Knight- HIGH
    Warlock - MEDIUM
    Mage - LOW
    Boomkin - HIGH
    Feral Druid - HIGH
    Enhance Shaman - HIGH
    Warrior - LOW
    Hunter - LOW
    Elemental Shaman - MEDIUM
    Ret Pally - LOW
    Monk - LOW
    Shadow Priest- MEDIUM

If you are exceptional at your class don't be afraid to throw in an application.
All dps spots are open in a sense. If you can out-dps and be very aware of your surroundings you can earn the main raiding spot.

Applying Process:
- In order to be considered for a trial spot, you must fill out an application and answer all the required questions.
- Read the stickies and the application template on our application section
- Make a new thread in the application section, copy all questions over from the template, and answer them thoroughly.
- Our officers will review your application and give you all questions and concerns before you are accepted or denied.
- Monitor your application frequently and try to answer all questions, from our officers, promptly.


If you have any questions Please contact anyone bellow
Recruitment officer- Odionger [Odionger#1484] (best to contact)
Current Raid Leader - Rosslina
GM: boltzz
Officers: Shiftzone, Branalia.
Let's get this going!
http://twitch.tv/jokaris raiding stream for VOX
Heroic Will down, onto Imperial!
Or whatever our raid leader takes us next
Imperial seems like fun!
Lets be honest. I haven't looked the fight up yet. I have all weekend!! haha.
Its not that bad, you just have to believe in yourself
Le hello
Hey there
Stuff and stuff
Still recruiting some solid DPS
Good dps
Very good dps
We are very good on healers, and we are looking into offtanks as well. But mainly, DPS!
Vox is cool
All you KT dps come on down

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