[A] Vox 15/16H 25 Man Recruiting!

le bump
Don't say "le" before things anymore.
Moar dots.
Working on Imperial tomorrow, 10/16H soon
Raid day pls
raiding tonight, do it up
I like working on heroic Imperial Vizier . Its a fun fight! SUPER CHAOTIC! lol.
Still could use some really good dps
Imperial down
Heroic amber shaper down
We need disc priests! and holy pallies too
Disc prieeeeeests
Need a boomer? :P
Holy pallies, disc priests, go go
We need a really good holy pally!
And a really good disc priest!
Heroic empress down!
At least this one only has two pages. Lol.
Bump n the rump for my Odi

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