[A] Vox 15/16H 25 Man Recruiting!

Odi is cute
working to sha
Just need, any good players in general
Odi is cute

Odi is mine, back off
Could use some really badass raiders!
Some nice dps, and maybe a couple really good healers!
Need some really nice raiders!
Odi is cute

Odi is mine, back off
Anymore raiders would more fine!
Still looking for skilled, raid aware people of all kinds!
Moar raiders pls
You know it want to
OH OH! Pick me! Pick me!
Need more raiders!
Come on all your KT raiders!
more raiders and stuff
solid raiders pls
Apply and come kill bosses on heroic mode
Hey all you KT raiders wont you listen to me!
I am trying to apply but your website is not letting me register.

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