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I had to check my calendar. I thought it was May 2006 for a second, when the OP would have had a legitimate gripe.

But now? There is no excuse to not be able to get decent gear.
The answer is probably the exact same reason you or any other person wants the "good gear". You can color it any way you want, deny it, doesnt matter. Unless you remove that "good gear" when you go out doing dailies, running instances, farming etc etc, then you are already answering your own question. I have said this a million times before and Ill continue to say it but until they make it where raid gear is ONLY USEABLE while in a raid group and IN A RAID INSTANCE then raiders really can't complain when people want better gear. Doesnt matter if a raider feels "they earned" their gear, as long as raiders use the argument that raid gear is for raiding and then proceed to use it outside of raiding, it makes all of their comments invalid.

I can agree with this, however the point still stands that for someone who does not raid, doesn't need it to survive and have fun outside of raiding.

Certainly the gear is and can be used outside of raiding, but its not a 'necessity' to have to enjoy the game. It IS a necessity for raiders to progress in raiding. This again, is coming from someone who doesn't raid. I don't understand why others can't see this other than they want to stand on the other side of the rainbow too.
I think the OP is 500+ in troll score, because I just don't see how someone that doesn't raid, thinks that they deserve heroic gear. Plus, he's only done the first part of LFR in Vaults and Heart of Fear. He's never finished the second parts, nor stepped foot into ToES.
01/03/2013 03:14 PMPosted by Silverfang
I think a more refined recruitment tool + a looking for guild tool (1 that let's you find a guild based on raid time) will solve a lot of problems that people currently have.
This would be unquestionably AWESOME. Oh god it would be SO SO AWESOME!

I doubt it's a priority for them though, retention is driven via shinies and more content releases in this game, not through careful community management and relationship building. That is supposed to be our job and...well...yeah.
01/03/2013 03:30 PMPosted by Nixxe
Still don't really understand why people feel compelled to get more gear if they're not raiding.

Don't you think you should figure this out before you jump into the discussion?
I had to check my calendar. I thought it was May 2006 for a second, when the OP would have had a legitimate gripe.

But now? There is no excuse to not be able to get decent gear.

If you don't work, you can't afford the Ferrari. Enjoy your Pinto. Those who put in the time and effort deserve the rewards of the best possible gear.

That pretty much sums it up. I personally would love to drive a Ferrari, but with my finances I'll be content with my little Chevy. Guess if I really want that Ferrari bad enough i'll find a way to EARN THE THING, cause i'm pretty sure it isn't just going to be handed to me....
If we pay for our accts we deserve the same EQUAL level gear avaliable to us as raiders .
I am now casual and I dont like being looked down upon for spending my time in real life .

As a raider, I'm perfectly happy with that. You can sit in Stormwind and look pretty. What's next? You see that "raiders" or "pvpers" have a title you don't so you come to the forums to complain that you paid your fifteen dollars so you deserve "Gladiator" or "The Fearless" titles?
01/03/2013 03:34 PMPosted by Shaølin
That pretty much sums it up. I personally would love to drive a Ferrari, but with my finances I'll be content with my little Chevy. Guess if I really want that Ferrari bad enough i'll find a way to EARN THE THING, cause i'm pretty sure it isn't just going to be handed to me....

Unless you somehow either won the lottery or your rich uncle just died, which in an ingame case would be some crazy !@# heroic guild carrying you tru normal modes.
01/03/2013 03:30 PMPosted by Nixxe
Still don't really understand why people feel compelled to get more gear if they're not raiding.

Personally, I understand where this person is coming from. They're about as against a wall as they can be. Done almost all the small bite-sized content that they could, and did a pretty good job of it.

Mists of Pandaria is very main toon centric. Without raids your options are pretty limited. Outside of raiding, there's World Bosses, Rare Spawns, Reputation rewards, Brawlers Guild, a few things that a player can do to get that sense of accomplishment and possibly earn a few upgrades as he goes.

If the game isn't about progression and getting gear, then you're done as soon as you hit 90. Log off. Cancel your sub. I don't want to see that happen, nor should you.
I payed my tuition for University, so I'd like my degree now... like right now. What do you mean I need to pass my courses first?
01/03/2013 03:24 PMPosted by Dreltath
Data to his Daughter: It has been my experience that life it is not about reaching the goal but rather about the experience of attempting to achieve that goal.

I like you

Know what this reminds me of. I used to run in competitive guilds that worked on getting their legendaries and when they finally got them they quit the game. This occurred without fail over and over. Once you have obtained whatever it is you decide is the coolest thing you can get it's game over. Just pick a goal and have fun. I myself would love to raid but my low pop server just keeps losing players left and right. We log on and it's painful to get just 10 people together. Nostalgia can be a real killer when it seems like just yesterday our 25 man was full and bursting, even had 4-5 players that had to sit outside ICC in case they were needed. I guess I am the opposite, I have tons of time to just sit in the Valley watching my crops grow becuase there is no one else to play with. Garrosh is a lonely place.
In large part raiding in this game seems to be a way to prove your dedication to the game, and to perfecting your characters power. As a 'barometer' it seems required to be taken seriously by a rather serious group of the WoW population. Of course there are other avenues to be taken seriously. Namely there are two, roleplaying and player versus player are also available for you to prove your dedication/skill.

It was apparent to me when I started playing that, after the early introductory phase to WoW with all there is to learn, the community as a whole had expected you to eventually take this game seriously. It has become a cult-like mentality in which if you do not participate you are shunned for it.

In short, though you can casually play WoW don't expect for your experience to be that great. The community is the real boss in this game. Good luck trying to take it down.
01/03/2013 03:09 PMPosted by Archona
They have basically made it welfare to get gear. Like it or not, it's the truth.

AND the reality is that it will likely continue to be on this path for quite some time, if Blizzard's past is any indication. I envision a future where LFR is all there is anymore. Guilds - well the comradeship and other social aspects of them - were irreparably harmed with the guild rewards program. Having a less-than-level-25 guild is practically a death sentence to anyone trying to recruit for a newer raiding guild.

Blizzard has, in the past, streamlined content/gear to make development easier (less costly?) and I can't help but think raiding is going to be next on the "to do" list. Managing the current range of gear item levels and programming three separate systems for encounters is costly and inefficient. I would NOT be shocked if, next expansion, LFR is the ONLY way to initiate a raid (with graveyards moved inside raid instances similar to current scenarios) but with a Normal and Heroic setting. Normal would be similar to current LFR while Heroic would exist for organized guilds (but they would still need to use LFR to launch raid content).

Frankly, I don't mind LFR. If it wasn't for LFR, I probably wouldn't still be playing.
Lol @ people who expect to have the same ilvl as raiders just because they pay 15$ a month and dont have "time" to raid, pretty sure everyone has 24 hours in a day, we just choose to do something different with ours then you do, I have seen many solutions presented here if the "when" factor is whats holding you back.

Find a guild who you can have the "time" to raid with.
If you cannot find one, make one and recruit other like minded players.
If your too lazy to make the time or make a guild and find like minded players? then why the heck are you complaining about it?

On a side note, people seriously need to come to grips with what paying a subscription is.
Kinda like a paper or magazine you pay for yearly, it costs you an upfront fee, the company doesnt decide if you read everything in it or not, you pay them, they give you content to use how you will, if you dont have "time" to read it, they cant do anything about it.
01/03/2013 12:44 PMPosted by Dako
why would you want the "good gear" if you are unable to, or have no intention, of raiding in it?

Why does anyone want heroic raid gear, when there's nothing beyond heroic raids to gear up for, and therefore they don't really need it?

Why do people who have no intention of raiding heroic, even bother to gear up in the best normal raid gear they can get?

Stupid arguments are stupid.
This one is both pernicious AND stupid.

Why do people who can't afford big-screen tvs want to buy one? Nobody really needs a big-screen tv.

The answer to all these questions (including the quoted one) is the same - everyone wants the best. NEED has nothing to do with it.
01/03/2013 12:44 PMPosted by Kynsierra
keep in mind I am not here to gripe i still love to play the game I just wish there were a way to get the top ilvl gear without raiding..

Why? You don't need the good gear if you aren't raiding. Heroic blues are more than enough to cover solo questing, dailies, dungeons, even doing old raids for transmogs. Blizz also gives you raid finder and valor items so that you can have epics even if you don't raid.

I still do all of my dailies in my combination of crafted pvp, spare raid finder/heroic blues and it works just fine for me. The higher ilvl is there for players that are raiding. If you aren't raiding then you just don't need it. Be confident in your personal success in your play. Don't be ashamed to rock your blues if that is what you have time for.
Ugh it's posts like this that clearly shows how clueless the player base of this game is and all they care about is themselves. Why should you be rewarded the best gear in the game if you don't put the time and 3-4 hours straight per day, 3-4 days a week? Those people DO have the time to do it, they're not CASUALS. YOU are a CASUAL. Plz people, get this straight.

Posts like this reflect the clueless people that get killed by a class in regular battlegrounds or low level arenas, and then tweet to Ghostcrawler about how the class is OP and they need to nerf it. I really do think that GS reads and bases the changes on these clueless casual and low ranked player's opinions because there are too many of you. Oh, and the best is when they say that this expansion is about PVP. Yeah, lol OK dude.
You non-raiders have no freaking clue what serious raiders go through to get that heroic level gear. We don't just spend more time in game than you. We...

- spend hours outside of the game reading about our spec, watching videos of boss fight mechanics, researching strategies
- DEDICATE 9+ solid hours of our week (scheduled, not whenever we please) to being in game, regardless of what is going on in our lives, and arrange our personal schedule around raid times
- spend thousands of gold wiping on the bosses
- spend thousands of gold or hours of game time gathering in order to bring our own flasks and food buffs
- spend thousands of gold on enchants, gems, reforging, and swapping talents and glyphs in order to perform to our highest potential

You sign on to the game whenever, put in the minimal amount of effort to learn your spec, perform sub-par, and want the same level of gear as we EARN?

&%$# off
lol... @ Kathrian...... I am doing dailies and runnign DG's and hitting vp cap weekly...

it's just the ferrari/ pinto thing I guess

what would you drive if you had the choice...

thanks for the comments

A 1998 328is BMW. It's my Ashes of Al'ar in Real Life. I even got a Feat of Strength for it! Cha-Ching!

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