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About Us:

We're currently recruiting one reliable tank!

We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild. LGBT friendly, tight-knit. The officer core has been raiding together since the days of BoT/BWD. Generally adult-themed guild and vent chat. While we take progression somewhat seriously, we do like to have fun in raid. We run normals for alts/socials on off-nights.

We're currently recruiting any of the following:

Enh or Ele


Always willing to consider exceptional players.

Expectations from raiders:
Show up most of the time. We raid 7-10 ST Tues, Thurs, Sun
Know your class.
Learn the fights. We expect you to at least have a general idea about what's happening.
Accept constructive feedback.
Provide ideas for fights, generally give value to the team.

Contact Beastmode, Defarge or Kaahen in game!
And we joke constantly. Fun Group that doesn't suck. =)
They are probably the best guild, serious talk
I'd like to join, 470 item level survival hunter coming from a dying realm. We'll chat more in game when my transfer is complete perhaps?
Bump, I'm Amazing You're Welcome....
bump, looking for a tank with some sort of OS!
bump , hey pers , whats up bro
Bump, cause i'm more amazing than Adro
any kinda tankage would do
any kind of SPANKAGE

mooochacho COME BACK TO US <3
also you BEEEach i saw you log out like RIGHT WHEN i logged in - I COULDN"T EVEN SAY HI
Shamans can tank- right?
moo we miss ya , come raid with us bro
willing to accept a DPSer with a tank OS as well. there'll be opportunities to raid as either dps or tank
thanks riffy for your boring bump
bump for an extra tank on our roster! more progression INC this week!

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