9/16H Lock LF Equal or Better Guild

Guild Recruitment
Short and sweet...

I don't care about the faction, though I would rather be horde

I don't care weather it's 10 man or 25, but if 10, I want to not have a bench position, I want to be in there fighting for a spot.

Times NEED To be between 6pm EST and 2am EST

Must speak English

Must be at least 9/16 Heroic OR BETTER!

All guilds that post please read this initial post, or else I'll be sad
I read it, we meet all criteria and would love to set up an interview to get you on board. I'm at work to 5PM EST but if you send me a real ID message we can set up an interview for any time after that tonight! Here's the spam:

Victory or Whatever --25 Man-- US-Whisperwind



Formerly known as <After Life>, VoW has been around since the middle of BC. We have endured our down times, and consistently remained a stable, fun, strong progression guild. We have an extremely unique raiding atmosphere, one that is enjoyable yet serious. We ARE NOT going to scream at you or berate you but we DO still expect you to perform at a high level.

Our current raid times are Tues, Wed and Thurs from 7-10 CST with an optional clean up night on Mondays at the same time. Because of our relatively light schedule high attendance for mandatory raid nights is a must. Between our 2 alt groups, challenge modes, leveling/gearing alts we are a very active guild on off nights and weekends. We are currently looking to improve upon our roster, not just simply fill spots.


You are a skilled player with a high interest in progression raiding. You show up to raids on time and prepared to tackle all content that might be attempted on any and every given raid night. You maintain high attendance and always inform your raid leader of an absence as soon as possible. You know the ins and outs of your class from stat priorities to rotation to cooldown usage. You do everything in your power to make sure you obtain the best gear you can outside of raiding. You are the best player(or very close) in your current guild. You take pride in both your numbers as well as your situational awareness as you understand that one without the other can only take you so far. Though it is not a deal breaker you ideally have a background of serious progression raiding. You are the type of player who is not intimidated by these requirements but excited by them as you would like to hold your teammates to these same set of standards.

Enh Shaman
Feral Kitty
WW Monk

*Please not we are ALWAYS looking to upgrade our roster. If you do not see your class listed but are confident you can perform at a top 100 US level do no hesitate to fill out an app*

Contact Us
Feel free to contact an officer in game, or use the following methods of contact.

Real Id

(Crimsonlily) Tabetha@woh.rr.com
(Ninjablaze) scarfacek1ngofny@yahoo.com

Website - wwvow.guildlaunch.com
<The Business> on Shattered Hand.
12/16HM 10m.
Shek'zeer and Will down.
We are looking for a solid dps to add to our core raid.
Add me for more info Pizzo#1723
Hey there, Fanboy.

<Static> is a 25 man Horde guild on Arthas. We are currently 10/16 H and looking to pick up a few good ranged dps. I think we could have room for a good warlock, so I'd love to hear from you.

My Real ID is marcleon24@gmail.com, and my Battle tag is Getsu#1513.

Heres a little more information for you.

MSV 6/6 H
HoF 4/6 H (Imp and Emp left)
Working on H Protectors and Lei Shi H at the moment.

Schedule 8: 45-12:30 EST
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

<Been There Downed That> Is a guild 10m that started out cata strong with a t11 rank of US16th before disbanding. 5 of our top players and leaders are coming back together on US-Exodar raiding 4 days a week. 9-12 EST Mon-Thurs. We are looking for top caliber raiders who know their class inside and out and have extensive hard mode raiding experience.

After week 6: Currently 6/6H MSV --5/6H HoF/ 4/4N Terrace.
What we need:

1 Prot Pally with Hard mode tanking experience. This is a MT position.
1 Geared Skilled parsing warlock for a CORE position.

Any exceptional DPS with logs to prove it-http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/232058/- Here is a link to our logs. If you think you can outperform our players, feel free to apply

Visit www.btdtexodar.enjin.com to apply, or Send inquires to Drewalynbrewer@yahoo.com
Battletag Dlyw#1120 or Levictus#1468
Contingency is currently 10/16H and 16/16N

US 77 Heroic Deathwing

We raid Mon-Thurs 9-12EST

Materblaster NicholasStrauthers@gmail.com <-- Speak with me Directly.
pls check http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412495012?page=1

11/16H 10/25m 9 hrs per week T/W/Th 8-11pm est
I know we don't have the progression you'd like, but I thought I might try anyways because I'm cute.

Guild: <Raided R>
Server: Agamaggan - US
Current Progression:
16/16 normal; 6/6H MSV, 1/6H HoF

Loot System:
Free roll (If abused we use a council system to prevent hoarding of loot)

Raided R is an ex-US 42 guild that has been active for more than five years who has fallen to lower progression due to attendance issues and over 15 raiders quitting the game in the course of a year. (Please refer to wowprogress to check our Cataclysm progression.)

Current Guild Master:

Current Officers:
Bleau (Cheese)
*All of our core raiders are officer-rank.

Raiding Schedule:
Monday- 7:30-10:30 CST
Tuesday- 7:30-10:30 CST
Wednesday- 7:30-10:30 CST
Thursday- 7:30-10:30 CST

We're looking for an experienced player who knows his class exceptionally well and can parse decently in the world while maintaining strong raid awareness and have close to 100% attendance.
*This is a core spot for our roster. However, we do occasionally have the need for dps or healers to sit in which case you will roll or a member of the raid will opt to sit.

Age Requirement: We do prefer for core raiders to be 18 years old or older simply so that there's no difficulty with parents turning off internet connections or whatever problem may arise, but as long as you can commit to showing up and keep your attendance high then there's no restriction on age! (Even though this is a !@#$%^-*! thing to say, we don't have any pedophiles in the guild!)

I'd like to say that, altogether, we're a really awesome guild. Many of our dps and healers rank within the world 25th on logs and some even go higher, ranking 2-4th. However, our progression has been mutilated by lack of attendance and core raiders unexpectedly quitting. We hope to bolster our ranks so that this won't be a problem and can continue progressing to be server first, which we are very capable of doing.

Also, we're a guild with almost zero drama and a fun community. We play this game to have fun and raiding/progression is a means to satisfying that joy for us. But, we do so in a more fun manner: our vent is full of joking and playful harassment. Unfortunately, our realm (Agamaggan - US) is a low population server that is horde dominated. But, we have many active players within the guild who clear old content, PvP, and do other events together! Overall we're a really fun guild!

Even though we don't have the progression many people are looking for, I hope you'll be able to look past that and see our potential should we get ten people in a raid. Thank you all for reading this ridiculously long post and I hope, should you be looking for a guild, you'll consider us and, if not, find a great guild for you to call home!

To contact me, please add me to Real ID: Flabammin@hotmail.com. It's the easiest way to reach me and, after that, we can talk about your possible trial or any questions you have about the guild!

Greetings. <Death Jesters> is looking for one exceptional player for a core 25-man raid spot. Current level of progression is 6/6 heroic MSV, 3/6 heroic HoF, and 4/4 normal Terrace. Over eight years established (and with the same GM since day one), we are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage, the #1 PvE realm in the US region, and we have a long history that includes many realm first kills. Our raid times are Mon - Thu from 10:00pm - 1:00am EST. Our raids are streamed online and viewed by thousands of people every night. Outside of main raid, we do RBGs, achievement and alt runs, arenas, and more. We have never had attendance issues.

We pride ourselves on being a closely-bonded guild of mature, skilled players. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and are confident in your abilities as an endgame raider, you will find <Death Jesters> to be a perfect fit, and we encourage you to apply.

If you have any questions, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Sparty (RealID: spartysmallwood@gmail.com), Moonfaxx, Dreaz, or email djapps@gmail.com.

Our recruitment information can be found on our forums: http://www.death-jesters.net/boards/viewforum.php?f=3
Hi! We currently only have 2 Warlocks and would be interested in adding another. We're 10/16 heroic with a 3% Vizier wipe. If you're interested at all there is a battletag bolded at the bottom or you can check out our website. Hope to hear from you soon!

Big Crits is a high-end progression raiding guild located on Sen'jin. Our main goal is to kill heroic bosses as fast as possible while raiding within a 12 hour a week raiding schedule.
Our guild raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:00pm – 11:00pm CST (Sen'jin server time). Our raiding schedule is much lighter than usual during farm content.
We are currently looking for players that wish to play at a top 50 US 25m and top 150 World 25m level: players who understand the extreme hard modes; the research, skill and preparation required to be successful during a limited number of raiding hours.

Recent Milestones
We have maintained completion of all content while relevant since our inception. Our goal is to improve every tier with Mists of Pandaria being no exception.

- Top guild on Sen’jin; cleared Heart of Fear, Mogu’shan Vaults, and Terrace in the first week
- US 57 Heroic Will
- Sha of Fear US 12 World 50
- Grand Empress Shek'zeer World 24 US 18 25m
- 5/6 Heroic Mogushan Vaults
- Heroic: Four Kings US 46 25m
- Heroic Hagara World 10 US 5 25m
- Heroic Ragnaros world 284 US 97 25m
- Heroic Spine of Deathwing World 266 US 99 25m
- Heroic Madness of Deathwing World 322 US 107 25m
Recruitment Needs

Our current 25 man raiding team needs are:

-non-Warrior Tanks
-Resto Shaman with DPS offspec (preference)
-Holy/Disc Priest
-Holy Paladin
-1 Warlock
-1 Balance Druid
-Exceptional Ranged

All applications we receive will be looked at and considered regardless of our current recruitment needs. If you think you are an exceptional raider and you feel like you can be an asset to our raiding team, we urge you to apply!
Our application process usually takes around 2 to 3 days from start to finish. Our initiate period lasts approximately one month, to ensure both parties are a good fit.
Big Crits Show
Big Crits started in 2010 as a web-based reality series about real people conquering a virtual world. We thought it would be a cool idea to be able to let people see the people behind the characters though a web series. If you are interested in seeing some of the faces of Big Crits, we are currently rolling out season 5 and you can check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/bigcritsguild

Our standards are simple and consistent across all classes, specs, and players. If you want to make it from initiate to member and continue to be a part of our raiding team you need to follow and uphold our 3 philosophies.

1) Play your class well. In each applicant we look for like-minded players that are friendly and respectful, but players that are also able to perform well under pressure.

2) Play well with others. You, as an applicant, must be able to get along with the other people you raid with. That chemistry is very important for progression and new content.

3) Show your commitment to the guild. This is, simply put, just proving to us that you enjoy being here and that you want to be here. A more in-depth description is proving that you are able to be a member of the team: using our guild forums to discuss strategies, maintaining a minimum of 90% raid attendance, and showing up to raid on time and ready to progress.
Want to learn more?
Visit our guild site: http://www.bigcrits.com
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/team/bigcrits

Ready to apply?

If you have any questions about the guild or about recruitment, do not hesitate to message us on our forums or in game/via Real ID:

Sunkisttuna - Tuna#1998

Please add your class/spec to your RealID message so we know who you are!
<Crisp> is a 25m Alliance guild on US-Baelgun.

*10/16H* And trending upwards, soon to be 12/16hH

We are looking for a dedicated warlock who will compete for a position in our dps roster. I read your initial post in the forum thread and after reviewing what information I could about you, it seems you would might be a good candidate for <Crisp>.

My battletag: Chesticles#1307

Add me anytime, or visit the website @ www.crispguild.org
We are horde, 10/16H, raid times are within your times, and this is a core spot.

Battle Tag:

Pariah (10/16 Heroic) is an established horde guild on Bloodhoof, we formed in August 2006 and have grown into an end game guild that pushes for the new content. We are a low drama guild that posts what we expect from our members clearly and will replace those not living up to our standards. We're currently going through a revamping and in need of solid players that can take criticism on the chin and learn from their mistakes quickly.

Current Openings:
-Priest (DPS and Heal Open)
-Druid (Boomer and Heal Open)
-Shaman (DPS and Heal Open)
-Monk (Healer)
-Paladin (Every Spec Open)

Guild Accomplishments:
Realm First! Will of the Emperor

- Team Player: Guild progression comes first
- You must have Ventrilo/Mumble and a working microphone
- Be knowledgeable of your class. Know how to listen. Be an asset. Don't stand in fire.
- Know all fights before you get there. If you haven't raided it before go watch a video and read the posted strategies.
- Be on time (15 minutes before raid time for invites) and expect to be asked to sit on certain fights.
- Respect all players, especially officers.
-Please have a tough skin, we stay drama free because we joke around a lot.

Raid Schedule: All times are by server time (Eastern)
Sunday - Thursday: 9:30 - 12:30am

Guild support:
- Guild Vault provides repairs during progression raiding
- Guild Vault provides flasks and banquets to the guild raids

Dual specs:
All raiders are required to have 2 raiding specs with appropriate gear and knowledge of each spec.

In game contacts: Headache#1655 (GM)

Battle Tag: Headache#1655
About Us
<Guiles Theme Song> is a 10-man guild, residing on Magtheridon-US Horde (Ruin battlegroup, EST server time). The foundation of the guild is a group of friends with one common goal, to be successful in the competitive raiding scene. We are recruiting progression-minded players to round up our core roster and to join us in pushing for top world ranks.

Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6H (11/9/12)
Heart of Fear - 5/6H (Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, Blade Lord Ta'yak, Garalon, Wind Lord Mel'jarak, Amber-Shaper Un'sok)
Terrace of Endless Spring - 4/4N

Raid Times
M/T/W/Th - 8:00PM-12:00AM EST (7-11 CST, 5-9 PST)

Visit our website at: http://guilesthemesong.wowstead.com/.
Whisper/mail me in-game at: Teem (real-id timoseewho#1824).

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.
<Just Crusade> is interested in you! We have an immediate opening for an exceptional dps. We are currently 11/16 HM.

We are a 10 man guild on Elune (PvE)- that has been around for 8 years.
We raid 4 nights a week Mon-Thus 7:30-11 pm EST.
You would have a core raid spot and would not be a backup raider.

6/6HM - Mogu'shan Vaults
5/6HM - Heart of Fear
4/4 - ToES
13/13HM - Realm First! Nefarian, Al'akir, and Sinestra
7/7HM - Realm First! Ragnaros
8/8HM - Realm First! Deathwing

Notable past progression (pre cata):
M’uru & Kil'jaedan: Pre- 3.0
A Tribute to Insanity (25)- US 67
Yogg 0-lights (25) – US 74
H LK (25)- US 81

We would consider paying for your x-fer if you prove to be an asset to our 10m.

You can reach me in game on Trillian (Trillian#1452), or send me an ingame mail to talk about applying. For more info check out:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6308610844 OR
Hey Fanboy,

I think we fit your bill quite well, I'd love to talk with you any time, my real-id is at the bottom.

<Resonate> is looking for a warlock for a full time dps position. This is not for the bench, if recruited you will raid just as much as everyone else. We're actually short one dps right now so this is in no way a filler position.

We're horde, 10 man and we raid three nights a week (we really mean it, a lot of guilds say they only raid three nights but this is our progression schedule). We're currently 12/16 heroic. We're also server first as the guild above us in progression is now dead.

We raid from 8:00 - 12:00 EST Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

If you're interested or have any questions my realid is xiicwow@gmail.com


Hey Fanboylolk

<Pure> is looking for a warlock. You would be expected to contribute to our guilds progression and we have a proven track record of success :). We maintain a top US 35 25 man ranking while raiding four days a week and are 6/6 MV, 6/6 HoF 3/4 TES 25HM and all 25 man hard mode Cataclysm content while it was relevant, finishing with US 33. We also have an active rated bg group with several Grand Marshals. We raid Monday - Thursday, 7 - 11PM PST. If you're a pro and can be a real beast when it comes to DPS then don't hesitate to apply. Our guild is very stable and has been around for over 6 years under the same leadership.

For more information about us and recruitment, check out our forums at: http://pureraiders.com/forums
also check out our podcast::

If you have any questions, make a character on Antonidas and send myself or Magzs/Magzqt a tell in game. You can also contact me via real id empress_serenity@hotmail.com :)
<Absolution> on Deathwing(PvP) is currently 6/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults, 4/6 Heroic Heart of Fear, and 4/4 Normal Terrace of Endless Springs.

We raid Sunday through Wednesday, 9:45pm-2:00am EST.

We are currently recruiting:
- Warlock
- Boomkin
- Warrior
- Holy Paladin

**We will consider any class that performs exceptionally well.

All raiders should have an appropriate dual spec available as hybrid classes. Pure DPS classes should be willing to switch specs as needed also.

We're looking for raiders who show up on time, ready with flasks/pots/food and have an extensive knowledge of their class, their role, and the encounters. Raiders should be willing to take constructive critism, and be able to correct any mistakes made. We focus on progression as a whole, not parsing high as individuals.

Mumble and a working microphone are required.

For more information please contact Pharmakeiá in game or via RealID: thedude907@gmail.com or Lmaonaize in game.
AWOL is a 25 man progression raiding guild on US-Kel'thuzad.

Who we are:

Our core has been playing together for years. We've finished all of the previous tier's content at a competitive pace, and are hoping to continue that trend. We are all extremely active – often even playing other games such as League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and more.


Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6H
Heart of Fear: 3/6H
Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4N



Exceptional players of any class will be considered.

Raid Times:

7:30PM - 11:30PM EST Monday-Wednesday



If you are searching for this type of guild, then visit the link below to apply.


Real ID: Chan#1718
US 26th 25 man guild <Uprising> raids from 8:00 pm EST until 12:00 am EST on Aerie Peak (Alliance). Raids are SUNDAY through THURSDAY.



Currently 14/16 Heroic 25 man

Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 Heroic
Heroic Will of Emperor: US 40th kill

Heart of Fear
6/6 Heroic
Heroic: Grand Empress: US 21st kill

2/4 Heroic
Heroic: Protectors: US 31st kill
Heroic: Lei Shi: US 47th kill


The same Leadership is in place that took the guild from a US 70th guild in Ulduar to consistent US ~10 kills in T11.

We use a loot council system.

We do not require alts. Although many of our members will have alts that they keep geared in case we do need them for class stacking.



1 Resto Shaman HIGH DEMAND
1 Healing Monk HIGH DEMAND
1 Disc Priest HIGH DEMAND

1 Enh Shaman HIGH DEMAND
1 Ele Shaman HIGH DEMAND
1 Shadow Priest HIGH DEMAND
1 Feral Druid HIGH DEMAND

1 Tank (Guardian Druid, Protection Warrior, or Prot Paladin) Only Exceptional applicants will be considered.

Our goal for this first tier of MoP is to rebuild our roster to one of equal strength that we had in Tier 11. Considering we have a majority of our veteran/core raiders from Tier 11 and our leadership is the same, we are confident in our ability to maintain a relatively high US rank while doing this.

APPLY HERE: www.uprising-ap.com (Website is currently undergoing changes, any private applications can be PM'ed to Romoreas on the forums)

If you have any questions feel free to message Romomonk, Romoredux, Romoreas, or Speak in game.

Add Romoreas#1535
Guild Name: Shining Force
Server: Mal'Ganis (PvP)
Recruit Contact: Ruwon (Ruwon#1911) or Eazycheeze (Eazycheeze#1810)
Website: http://www.shiningforce.net
Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 7:30 - 11cst

US#31 for Dragon Soul 25m 3day Guild
5/6 Heroic MSV
3/6 Heroic HoF
4/4 Normal ToES

DeathKnight [HIGH]
Shadow Priest [HIGH]
Resto Shaman [HIGH]
Ret Pally [MED]
Warlock [MED]
Mage [LOW]
Enh Shaman [LOW]
All other exceptional DPS are encouraged to apply !

*Meets minimum gear requirements for current progression content.
*Researches and reviews personal performance and works to improve flaws in their game play
*Understands that attendance and commitment are two key factors to successful progression.
*Has the desire to raid consistently and progress through current content.
*Actively communicates when needed, knowing when to speak and when to not.
*Wants to raid and progress solely for the thrill of progression while understanding that loot is a mere bonus.

Established in 1998, with roots in gaming dating back even further, SF has made its mark on many games of various genres. Throughout our diverse history, a few defining traits have emerged which have since been held dear to the hearts of our leadership and members. As you'll read on our main splash page, we live by a code of loyalty and honor. However clichéd this may sound, these traits along with our higher than average guild age, have resulted in our always being amongst the small circle of the most respected guilds and clans in each game we play. We established our World of Warcraft chapter early during the beta and have been killing huge dragons and other nefarious creatures ever since. We strive to challenge ourselves as a guild by progressing through the newest tier of raid content. As a result, we are always in search of exceptional players who are looking for not just another WoW guild, but a multi-gaming guild with a rich and expansive history that they can be a part of and contribute to for several years to come.

Submit an application at http://www.shiningforce.net
If you have any questions, please send a tell or in-game mail Afterthought, Ragnoth, Ebolaa, Yumi, Fenixember or Murphen

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