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I am downloading the ptr client on my computer. The download isn't finished yet, but it is on "optimal". I tried opening up the ptr to see what it was like but I got error 107. It says that I may not be in the region that I originally created the account in (I am in the same region.), or that the game may not be connected to my account. Do I have to wait until the ptr is completely downloaded to play, or is something wrong. I can still log in to normal Wow. I have read in other forums to change my password and it didn't work. Anyone know a solution?

I see you are using a Starter Edition account. We don't copy Starter editions over to the PTR because they wouldn't have access to the Mists level stuff we're testing there anyway.

Please note that we copy account information over to the PTR at the start of the PTR. Even if you upgraded your account now, it would not be available on the PTR.
Oh haha alright. I read online you could, but I'll take your word. I guess I'll just delete the program.
Im having the same prob but my account was fully upgraded before so wats my problem
I'm having the same problem and I have had mists of pandaria for a while now, need some help, client is downloaded and still won't work. Please help!
Im having the same problem my account is fully upgreded and i downloaded the ptr to optimal and its giving me this error and i already did the op-in for the beta testing
m having the same prob and my account is fully upgraded.
I'm having the same problem atm for the WOD Ptr
I am getting this error logging into PTR. I do have a starter edition on my account but also have 2 active accounts on the same battle account.

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