[BUG]Draenei and Fist Weapons

Bug Report
Whenever a draenei equips a fist weapon it doesn't seem to center correctly on the hand. On the male the left hand weapon is always off and on the female it's the right. This ends up at best making the weapon clip through the leg and at worst go pointing off at a crazy angle that just makes it look silly.
Doesn't seem to effect any other character model. Just male and female Draenei.
Has not been fixed. This happens with every fist weapon I equip on my draenei. The fist weapon in my right hand looks its being held by someone who clearly should not have made it past level 20.

This is affecting my ability to play WoW. Why? Because I'm crazy that's why. Look, I can't transmog it to something else because I can only transmog other fists. If Blizz had put in an axe or mace legendary then I would just get one of those, however; my only options are 2 fists weapons. You guys might as well have made those fist models using pies. I would rather bring two pies to raid than walk around with this eyesore.
Still has not been fixed for 5.2
Bump. Every fist weapon looks awkward on the left hand. Is this intended?
Bump. This is still not fixed as of 5.2. This looks particularly awful on the fist weapons from Hyjal that I have been saving fro ages until I obtained dual fist weapons this patch.

It looks like one fist weapon in the right hand should be rotated to point away from the body to mirror what is going on in the left hand.
Bump - 5.4 and skewed off-hands still annoying players
5.4.2, left handed male draenei weapons still crooked

this is extremely annoying i suppose i must be crazy as well
As far as I can remember this graphic bug has been around since Burning Crusade and I don't know if they will EVER fix it. I mean its been like this for years and the artists/developers STILL havnt seen it. If only someone could somehow lets them know and get them to fix it. Its like a 30 second fix if that. Its the hand that is screwed up because even trying an axe in the hand its also crooked and not straight like the other hand. Because of this graphical issue, almost makes me NOT wanna role enhancement.

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