[20M] Mythic Raid Progression - Legion

Emerald Dream
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For guild progress, see the link below.

Hellfire Citadel
HA - Hellfire Assault
IR - Iron Reaver
KR - Kormrok
HC - Hellfire High Council
KD - Kilrogg Deadeye
GF - Gorefiend
SI - Shadow-Lord Iskar
ZK - Fel Lord Zakuun
SC - Socrethar the Eternal
XH - Xhul'horac
TV - Tyrant Velhari
MN - Mannoroth
AR - Archimonde

[A]On Cooldown_________+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+
[A]Coast to Coast______+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+
[A]Celestial Rebirth___+___+___+___+___+___*___*___*___*___*___+___+____
[H]Xen of Onslaught____+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+________
[H]Rise of Legends_____+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+___+________
[A]Value Town__________*___*___*___*___*________________________________
Blackrock Foundry
HF - Hans'gar and Franzok
FB - Flamebender Ka'graz
Kro - Kromog
GL - Gruul
Ore - Oregorger
BF - Blast Furnace
BL - Beastlord Darmac
Tho - Operator Thogar
IM - Iron Maidens
BH - Blackhand

[H]Nightstalkers 10/10___+____+____+___+___+____+___+___+____+__*_
[A]Celestial Rebirth 9/10+____+____+___+___+____*___+___+____+____
[H]Livid 8/10____________*____*____*___*___*________*___*____*____
[A]Value Town 8/10_______+____+____+___+___+________+___+____+____
[A]On Cooldown 6/10______+____+____+___+___+________+_____________
[H]Xen of Onslaught 5/10_+____+________+___+________+_____________
[H]Swole 3/10__________________________+___+________+_____________
[A]BirthRights 2/10________________________+________+_____________
[H]Shattered Oath 2/10_____________________+________+_____________
[A]Resolute 2/10___________________________+________+_____________
[A]Orion 2/10______________________________+________+_____________
[H]Nightfall 1/10___________________________________+_____________
KB - Kargath Bladefist
TB - The Butcher
Tec - Tectus
BS - Brackenspore
TO - Twin Ogron
KR - Ko'ragh
IM - Imperator Mar'gok


[H]Livid 7/7___________*____*____*_____*____*____*____*___
[H]Nightstalkers 7/7___+____+____+_____+____+____+____+___
[A]Celestial Rebirth7/7+____+____+_____+____+____+____+___
[A]BirthRights 6/7_____+____+____+_____+____+____+________
[H]Shattered Oath 6/7__+____+____+_____+____+____+________
[H]Xen of Onslaught 3/7+____+_______________+_____________
[H]Swole 2/7___________+____+_____________________________
[H]DO WORK 2/7_________+____________________+_____________
[H]Malum Factum 2/7____+____________________+_____________
[A]Open Bar 2/7________+____________________+_____________
[H]Explicit 2/7________+____________________+_____________
[H]Big Sky City 2/7____+____________________+_____________
[A]Resolute 2/7________+____________________+_____________
[A]Orion 2/7___________+____+_____________________________
[A]Iron Legacy 1/7_____+__________________________________
[H]Nightfall 1/7_______+__________________________________
Sticky requested! =P
Thanks for keeping this going Defenestrate. Reunited is showing as out of date, should be listed 6/6 HoF and 3/4 ToES in 25 man: Empress, Elite Protectors, Tsulong & Lei Shi.

Sticky requested :)
I'm pretty sure I've got everything updated. Please look over it and make sure it's all correct :)
12/14/2012 11:33 AMPosted by Defenestrate
I'm pretty sure I've got everything updated. Please look over it and make sure it's all correct :)

We got heroic server first Elegon not Spirit Kings.

We killed Heroic Blade Lord Ta'yak in Heart of Fear.

As far as I know Reague hasn't raided 25's in a long time.
I made the changes, Ian. I left Reague on the MSV list for now since they DID kill those bosses on 25. Until I get confirmation from one of them, I want to avoid causing any unnecessary anger.

Also, as a note, I've removed any 10 man kills from the list. The 10 man kill tracking for 25 man guilds was only intended for the first couple of weeks until the 25s on the server had time to get 25 people leveled up. At this point, THIS thread will track only 25 man kills.
Bumping to the top and sticky requested.
12/15/2012 07:58 AMPosted by Santo
Bumping to the top and sticky requested.
Sha down for Reunited, 25 man. 4/4 Terrace.

Bump for sticky!
Updated, grats on the Sha kill!
Thanks for taking over Defenestrate!

Bumping for a sticky.
are you also doing the 10man thread? I don't see one. It would be much appreciated!

I requested sticky for this one.
I think Defenestrate mentioned in the other 25 man thread that he would just be dedicating himself to updating this thread unless that's recently changed.

Maybe someone from one of the 10 mans would be intetested in picking up where Biooh left off.
12/17/2012 02:05 PMPosted by Maharei
Maybe someone from one of the 10 mans would be intetested in picking up where Biooh left off.

Pretty please :)
Bumping for sticky.

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