[20M] Mythic Raid Progression - Legion

Emerald Dream
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Grand Empress down for Nightstalkers!
Requesting a sticky please!
Not sure why, but it's still showing Absolute as only 2/6 in HoF o.O

I haven't seen anyone post that you've killed more. Please understand that I don't have time to cross reference who has killed what with other progression sites/lists. I rely on you guys to post in this thread whenever you get a kill. Just let me know what you've killed and I'll update :) Sorry if there was any confusion on how this works!

Please also keep in mind that this thread will track 25 man kills only. Any kills on 10 man will not count on THIS list.
Bumping again, Heroic Gara'jal down. #Reunited
We filled a 25-man raid with players!

Less importantly we got Heroic Garalon 25 tonight.
Absolute has cleared all three raids (on Normal) in their entirety on 25-man.
Updated. My apologies, Flashheart.
No need to apologize! I imagine doing all of this takes a lot of work (and checking).

My thanks for being so diligent!
Sticky requested.
Heroic Will of the Emperor 25 down.

Normally blizzard is pretty good about 10/25 balance but that fight is an anomaly.
Grats on Will!!
Heroic Lei Shi 25 down.

No flare bug.
Heroic Stone Guard down for Nightstalkers
Heroic Amber-Shaper Unsok 25 down.
Heroic Wind Lord downed on 25-man by Absolute.
We just dropped Heroic Feng as well, also 25-man.
Grats on kills folks! Also, YAY we got stickied!!
Absolute just dropped Heroic Gara'jal in MSV on 25-man.

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