[BUG] - Pet Battles - Dead Pets Attack

Bug Report
I've experienced multiple times since 5.1 that pets that I am fighting continue to attack after they have died. This is probably a side effect of the fix to make DoT attacks still work after a pet's death, however these instances are clearly a bug.

Easiest way to experience the bug is to battle Grand Master Yon in Kun-Lai Summit. Every time I have battled him since 5.1, I use the spider attack Brittle Webbing on his Rabbit pet. The rabbit will attack me with Flurry which hits 2-3 times. If his health is low enough, the Rabbit will die after 1 or 2 of his own attacks. He dies, lays on the ground, and then slides along the ground and continues to attack with the 3rd hit.
I can replicate this exact bug. It's funny because I was using the same attack and getting the same result with the same trainer before I even looked the issue up on the forums.

While I agree a DOT applied by a pet that dies should continue to tick, surely Blizz can't argue that a pet's corpse should continue to flail at you after its owner has been squished. :P

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