Baneling and Red Cricket companions issues

Bug Report
Good evening. I don´t really know if this is a bug or was intended to be done this way but I´m having issoes with the appearance and movement of these 2 companions.

1st is the Baneling, from the next Starcraft expansion: It used to spin like a ball on the ground, following the owner always spinning and sometimes burrying itself. I enjoyed a lot this way, but suddenly, something was done on last patch and now it is just walking like a tick or a normal insect from the Silihid specie. Quite sad the boring animation it has now.

2nd is the Red Cricket. Man, I Loved to have a gargantuan cricket. That thing used to be enormous and was great to call the attention of other players by having that bizarre companion with that big pulsating body, but, after last patch it became so small, but so small that we can´t even see any detail on it.

They used to be my favorite companions but now I lost mostly of my interest in compaions or pet battles with these two little guys.

The biggest reason to buy the SC-II expansion was the cool looking of the Baneling and to raise the reputation with Sho with Tillers faction was the Huge cricket.

I wish, and hope you can turn them back to their original forms and I fear that you make these bad changes to other compaions.

BUT, complains away, I´d like to know if there´s any way to still get the Mini Thor from SC-II and/or the Small Shaman from Diablo-3 Collector editions. Since I had no oportunity to get them as Collector Editions.

Thanks for the support.
I am also having problems with the Baneling.

It often disappears after 2-3 mins, usually after burrowing. It doesn't reappear and I end up having to dismiss & resummon it.

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