Arena and gearing.

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As it has become plainly obvious, it is almost impossible to do arena on an alt or freshly leveled character, even on a semi-competitive level, if you happened to level late, or be behind on gear for any other reason. From what ive heard most people are putting alts on the back burner, at least until next season, plainly due to the fact that they just cant compete with people who have been getting conquest points from the start of the season.

My suggestion is to possibly lower the conquest point cost of the Malevolent Gladiator's pieces in small increments as the season goes on, maybe something like 50-100 points every month or possibly even every 2 weeks.

While i am sure there are flaws with this, i know this will help people who came back to MoP late and people who have various alts enjoy arena a little more without feeling like they are just being beaten by gear in arena. And on a side note, this change would most definitely be of benefit to classes with multiple specs.
Another alternative I saw discussed at the arena forums was allowing people to earn points by a "season" cap rather than a weekly cap.

more info here:
Another idea someone suggested was to allow caps to roll over to the next week, because sometimes you might miss a week.

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