[A] < Call it a Wipe > (25) LF Raiders

< Call it a Wipe > (25) is looking for more people to join in order for us to progress with current ( and past ) content.

We are fairly small at current, with only 61 members and quite a few new WoW players, however also with some experienced raiders and officers always willing to help or try something new. There are many friendly people, and people who enjoy games will fit right into our little community.

Currently we are in a cross-guild raiding team with people from all over the server, however we would like to push and make CiaW a self sustained guild pushing for progression and achievements. Our raid team(s - if we get enough people and/or alts) will be mainly social, gearing together, doing Challenge Modes, Scenarios and Heroic Dungeons, and then hitting the T14 content.

What we ask of you:
  • Be willing to put in some time to improve & learn your class
  • A team player
  • Wants to achieve
  • Consistent player - turning up to the majority of our events
  • In it for the long run

In return we will give you:
  • Friendly, respectful environment which will support you as you grow
  • Many achievement runs, especially focusing on Cata content
  • Stable raiding spot for current content
  • Fun times & good memories
  • Guild repairs and access to our many guild tabs
  • Titles! Dragonslayer, Of the Four Winds, Blackwings Bane and many more

If you are interested just mail myself (or any of my alts - Cristeria, Existentia, Affinitas) or any of the other guild officers. Feel free to whisper too if we are online :)
We will also give you:
Unconditional love from Aliss


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