[A] <The Violet Legion> Dalaran's military.

Moon Guard
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The streets of Stormwind's Cathedral District were bustling, just as they always did. The white and gold banners swayed gently in the afternoon breeze, as citizens of the great city went about their daily business in the holy center of the Alliance. Through all the commotion of routine activities, a few men and women began to notice an oddity. A wide, disc-like object had been laid at the steps of the grand cathedral, and six, faintly glowing, violet crystals were placed around the circular device in perfect alignment. Two men stood to either side of the strange object, each adorned in purple tabards with an arcane eye embroidered on the center of their chests.

Magi from the city-state of Dalaran, the Kirin Tor, had come to Stormwind. It didn't take long for a crowd to begin to gather around the unfamiliar scene, the magi standing in absolute silence as though awaiting something. The crowd prattled, eyes catching the display from time to time as they continued on about the foreign object amongst themselves, as they tried to figure out what the meaning of this unfamiliar display was all about.

The violet crystals hummed with life, their magical light intensifying slowly, bringing the crowd to immediately hush as they stepped back in awe. A ray of indigo light shot forth from each of the crystals, linking to the center of the circle. A soft crackling sound filled the area as the scent of ionized air grasped everyone gathered. Suddenly, the colliding energies sparked, flashing a bright light which blinded the crowd for a brief moment. When they opened their eyes, the translucent image of an elderly man stood before them.

"Greetings citizens of Stormwind. I am Archmage Tenethil Umbranor, and I come to you with news from Dalaran. The Council of Six has spoken! Under the leadership of Archmage Jaina Proudmoore, the Kirin Tor, and brave heroes of the Alliance have removed the Horde from our grand city and has committed the forces of Dalaran and the Kirin Tor to the Grand Alliance.

As the Kirin Tor can no longer remain neutral in the war against the Horde, the Council of Six has taken precautions to ensure the fate of Azeroth does not fall into the hands of Warchief Garrosh Hellscream and his wretched forces of darkness. The Kirin Tor has sent numerous battalions of their finest men and women around the world to combat the Horde war machine.

The Council of Six has given myself, Archmage Tenethil Umbranor a new charge. Under my supervision; the faction known formerly as the Sanctum has been disbanded and reformed into a hopeful bastion of Dalaran's future. On this day, the Sanctum has been renamed the Violet Legion in honor of their new role within the Kirin Tor. Those willing to secure the salvation of Azeroth should speak with a Violet Legion recruitment officer immediately.

May the efforts of the Kirin Tor and the Violet Legion bring forth a bright future for the Alliance and Azeroth. - May the flows of magic bring you prosperity."

With those final words, the energy between the crystals flickered, the image of the Archmage fading away before the eyes of Stormwind's onlookers. The Kirin Tor magi raised their staves, tapping the apex of their arcanic weapons together as they chanted a spell before the audience in front of them. An illusionary, arcane symbol of Dalaran took shape above the city streets as the magi and their device vanished from sight.

As the crowd stood in awe from the news, cheers came forth from the gathered crowd "Down with the Horde!" Another "See Hellscream, and his pigs burn for what they've done to the Alliance!" Grand Vizier Morvayn Karnstein of the Violet Legion made his way to the center of the assembled masses. "Raise your blades with the Violet Legion, and we wil enact our vengeance on the Horde. We will see the end of Warchief Hellscream's vile legions. We will see them cower and flee beneath our banners. We will show no mercy!" The wizard paused as cheers came up through the crowds, arms and weapons raised in return to their claim.
<The Violet Legion> is a military-based RP guild finding its roots in the city of Dalaran. As a faction of the Kirin Tor, we take orders from Archmage Tenethil Umbranor, in the name of Dalaran's prosperity. Our goal is to bring a true feeling that forces of Dalaran have officially joined the Alliance.

As a military faction within the Kirin Tor, most of our objectives involve things like investigating arcane anomalies, tracking down and recovering powerful relics, and sending our forces to combat the Horde at every turn. Most everything the Violet Legion does revolves around Dalaran's interests.

That's not to say the Violet Legion is solely about military operations. The Violet Legion has a civilian sect as well, which is often responsible for handling a wide variety of tasks. The civilians often host extravagant parties during the various holidays of Azeroth, or can find themselves sent to the Violet Legion's allies as emissaries.

Feel free to check us out at our guild site!

<The Violet Legion> strives to bring excellent RP to its guild members and the RP community of Moon Guard, as such, you are expected to abide by the lore and be at least a fairly capable typist. There are absolutely no race or class restrictions in the guild. We welcome everyone so long as they meet the in-character requirements.

We do require all applicants to be level 40 or higher to join the guild. The primary reason for this is mounts. We need our players to be able to ride the required type of mounts at events, and have the riding speed to not keep everyone waiting. Death knights must be level 70 or higher to join. We put this cap on death knights in order to prevent an influx of newly created death knights that never get played.

There is an age requirement of 18 or older to join. Our guild chat oftain contains adult language, crude humor, and subject matter not fit for children, and we like it that way. We're not here to influence children to be bad mannered adults like the rest of us, so minors are not permitted to join. The guild also holds events that deal in more advanced subject matter that a kid might not fully grasp.

Our guild does have a "no censorship policy" in guild chat. This means our members are allowed to speak their mind and say anything they please in guild chat. We don't like telling people not to be themselves in our community. However, we do believe guild chat should be something player's can enjoy. Abuse towards other members will -not- be tolerated.

-Grand Vizier-
The highest ranking member within the Violet Legion. He holds absolute authority over the members of the order, and answers to no one but the Archmage Tenethil Umbranor himself. The Grand Vizier is a down-to-business kind of character. Personal feelings have no place in the Grand Vizier's role.

This rank is reserved solely for the Violet Legion's second in command. Aside from the Grand Vizier, the General has the most authority. Should the Grand Vizier not be present, the General takes full command. Beware the General, her character doesn't like rule breakers.

Captain is the rank for basic officers within the Violet Legion. They tend to have very specific roles amongst the order, and should be highly respected for not only their work, but their dedication as well.

The highest rank for any non-officer within the Violet Legion. They've worked their rears off to get this far, and should be treated as veterans within the order. Lieutenants are highly trusted, and often given special tasks to preform.

The third non-officer rank. A Sergeant has shown much dedication, enough to be acknowledged as a good soldier and member of the order.

The second non-officer rank. A Corporal has survived long enough within the Violet Legion to make it passed the initial stages of learning. A Corporal is comfortable within the order, knows the rules, and what is expected of them.

The very first non-officer rank. A Private is the starting place for all new military members of the Violet Legion. This is a trial rank, a rank of learning the ropes. Not much is expected of a Private, aside from following rules and learning how the order works.

Civilians have absolutely no involvement in military affairs, save for the occassional non-combat task. Civilians are generally charged with hosting celebrations and often given emissary work. All civilians offer something to the order, or have a specific job.
Within the Violet Legion, each and very soldier is placed into a branch based on their role in combat. Each branch is lead by an officer, and it is the officer's responsibility to keep their branch trained and ready for combat. Should a member of any branch have need to speak to a superior officer, they should report in to their branch leader first. Civilians are not placed into branches.

-The Vanguard-
The first soldiers in, and the first soldiers out. Lead by the High Vanguard, Captain Emrys, the Vanguard stands as both a defensive and offensive line when the Violet Legion heads into combat. Comprised of heavy plate and melee weapons, the Vanguard serves a vital role in the Violet Legion's campaigns.

-The Rangers-
Serving as scouts, spies, assassins, and proving ranged support on the battlefield. The rangers excel in guerilla warfare and pressuring the enemy with arrows or carefully placed dagger strikes. No other branch offers the careful precision that the Rangers provide to the Violet Legion. The Rangers are overseen by the High Ranger, a role which has not yet been filled.

-The Arcanists-
Lead by the High Arcanist, Grand Vizier Karnstein, the Arcanists are unmatched in their ability to wield spells from the various schools of magic. Dalaran, being the center for magic in the Alliance, means that the Arcanists of the Violet Legion are the best the Alliance forces have to offer. The role of High Arcanist is temporarily held by the Grand Vizier Karnstein, but he seeks another to fill the role.

-The Clerics-
The Clerics are essential to keeping the Violet Legion's soldiers fighting in war. Lead by the High Cleric, General Teliel, the forces of the Violet Legion can go confidently into battle, knowing their lives will be watched over by the dedicated healers found within the Clerics. The role of High Cleric is temporarily held by General Teliel, but she seeks another to fill the role.

-The Civilians-
Civilians are required to bring something useful into the Violet Legion's RP. The only exception to not filling a role as a civilian would be for the family of soldiers in the Violet Legion.

#1.) -No Censorship-
The Violet Legion's guild chat is freely open to the guild as a means of socializing, as it is in most any guild. We do not enforce any rules which ban certain subject matter within our guild chat. If you don't like what someone is saying in guild chat, don't read it until they are finished.

#2.) -Be Cool, Not a Tool-
Our guild chat may have the rule of no censorship, but that doesn't mean you are free to abuse other members. Treat your guildmates like a family, and be cool to them. The officers take abuse seriously and will show no tolerance toward abuse of other guild members.

#3.) -Two Month Inactivity Policy-
All players must log into their character at least once within a two month period. The guild roster keeps track of your offline time, and if you exceed two months, you will be removed from the guild. Alts are not exempt from this rule. If you are removed for inactivity, you are welcome to rejoin again.

#4.) -IC and OOC Remain Separate-
If your player is attacked IC, that is not an assault on you as a player. Do not mix the two up. All you will end up doing is causing unwanted drama within the guild. RP is not real life, and should not be treated as such. Have fun with your RP, and don't take it personal.

#5.) -Trolling-
Any form of trolling against other players is strictly prohibited. Do not troll the RP of other players. If your RP is being trolled, ignore it. Two wrongs do not make a right. Do not feed the trolls by showing any reaction. Ignore them, and the will go away.

#6.) -RP-PvP Common Courtesy-
Some actions will never be allowed at RP-PvP events, and you will be immediately removed from the guild if you are caught doing them. "Tea-bagging" is off limits. - When a call for resurrection/revival of either side is called, you are not to engage other players unless they engage you first.

#1.) -On-Duty Guild Tabards-
While a character is on-duty, they will be required to wear the Violet Violet tabard at all times. Guild cloaks are optional.

#2.) -On-Duty Mounts-
The Violet Legion's military forces are required to ride similar mounts while on duty. As this is a guild centered around Dalaran and the Alliance, certain armored horse models are acceptable.

Approved Mounts: Black War Steed, Swift Brown Steed, Swift Palomino, Swift White Steed, Swift Grey Steed, Stormwind Steed, Vicious War Steed,

#3.) -Stationing Laws-
At times of war, soldiers of the Violet Legion with be required to stay with an area designated by the commanding officers. This can be as wide as an entire zone, or as small as a camp. The area will be determined by the commanding officer.
Q.) How strict is the guild on lore accuracy?
A.) We consider this guild to be one of the most lore abiding guilds on the server. If you're into playing characters that break lore, this probably isn't a guild you want to consider. If you are unsure about your character being fit for the guild, send one of us a whisper and we'll be more than happy to talk to you about it.

Q.) What about (insert race here), why would they want to join?
A.) Each character would have their own unique reasons, of course. But these reasons could be something as simple as being part of the Alliance. Various races have always assisted each other historically in Warcraft. The Silver Covenant (a Kirin Tor faction) accepts all races, just as we do. Diversity is what makes WoW RP so fun!

Q.) Are players that role play as high elves welcome in this guild?
A.) Dalaran is historically filled with high elves. Of course your high elven character is welcome to join!

Q.) What about (insert class here), do they have a place in this sort of guild?
A.) As long as a character has reason to be in an order such as this, there is no reason your character can't fit in. Take a warlock for example; While Kirin Tor does not tolerate warlock practice, your character might be a fairly decent individual. It's as simple as masking your character's true status. Perhaps try having your character claim to be a pyromancer. That's what my character does. ;)

Q.) When do guild events take place?
A.) Events take place at different times, depending on the person hosting said events. I like to host my events at about 7PM (server time), while one of my officers likes to host her events a little bit later.

Q.) What does RP-PvP mean to this guild?
A.) RP-PvP means we like to wage war against the enemy faction in-character. An example would be having a large PvP battle with Horde guild, but the whole reason for the battle would be based in story. I think this is where Warcraft's RP community truly shines.

Q.) So this guild is always fighting the Horde?
A.) Nope. <The Violet Legion> is an RP guild before a PvP guild. While we do love to fight in RP-PvP events, a large portion of our events use an RP battle system based on a simplified Dungeons and Dragons system. A system in which all our members greatly enjoy. No other guild offers the kind of depth that our system does.

Q.) Are there any gear requirements for members?
A.) No. If you have the worst gear in the game, it doesn't matter. Again, this is an RP guild before anything else. Only thing you will be judged upon is your ability to RP. Once you've passed the interview, you don't have much of anything to worry about, aside from breaking the rules. :)

Q.) Does the guild do PvE content?
A.) We're not a raiding guild, nor is it a priority. On the other side of that, most of our members do heroics and use the raid finder on a daily basis. Even I, the guild leader, am in at least a heroic most every day.

Q.) What about old PvE content?
A.) We're an RP guild, and everyone in the guild -loves- to get new gear to RP in. We run old content raids every so often, and are welcome to suggestions when someone wants a specific raid done.

Q.) How do promotions work?
A.) All promotions within the guild are handled entirely in-character. You will not get promotions if you don't show commitment to the guild and take an active role in being part of it. You get what you put in.

Q.) I have a lot of alts, can they join too?
A.) There are a couple options for this, but the simply answer is ABSOLUTELY! Every member in the guild has alts, including the myself and officers.

Q.) Do you guys have a voice chat system?
A.) We sure do! Lots of our members just love to sit around and chat in ventrilo, and all members have open access to it.

Q.) How do I go about getting into the guild?
A.) Send a whisper or in-game mail to one of the names listed below and we'll set up an IC an OOC interview.

Looking to join <The Violet Legion>? Go the link below and fill out an application!

Do you need more information before joining? Is your guild looking for an alliance or a rival guild?

Add our officers to your BattleTag!
Morvayn @ Karnstein#1933
Teliel @ Jenzzarnda#1734

If you're uncomfortable using BattleTags send a whisper or in-game mail to Morvayn, Teliel, or Lailokan.

Our officers would love to assist you. If they are busy, they may direct you to another officer.
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Bah, we were perfectly content being neutral, then Jaina had to screw it up.

Oh well, Dalaran will burn! For Silvermoon!
Bah, we were perfectly content being neutral, then Jaina had to screw it up.

Oh well, Dalaran will burn! For Silvermoon!

You blood elves would have never looked good in purple anyway. The green of your eye clashes are too much.

I'll be sure to look for you in the events come January. ;)
I look forward to it!
Sin'dorei scum
12/22/2012 07:27 AMPosted by Mistreaver
Sin'dorei scum

You are just jealous of our prosperity and strength.

We have cities and majestic arcane spires.

You live in trees.
Our spires are better. Purple > Red
12/22/2012 07:45 AMPosted by Xanerian
Sin'dorei scum

You are just jealous of our prosperity and strength.

We have cities and majestic arcane spires.

You live in trees.

I live in a temple, thank you. Not some silly tree
Oh man, so many changes to the guild site. I'm lovin' it.
Bump again! First day of the new thread needs lots of bumps before I head off to bed.
You are so needy. And my god you type alot.
I type a lot? How so?! YOU WANNA THROW DOWN, ASHLEY?!
We should talk. The shadow of the Tower is long enough for more than one envoy to shelter beneath it.
12/22/2012 09:49 AMPosted by Everen
We should talk. The shadow of the Tower is long enough for more than one envoy to shelter beneath it.

Talk? I like to talk. Talking is good!

It'll have to be tomorrow though, I'm about to take myself to bed. XD
I can't wait to crush Dalaran, and take your hide Morvayn, and use it as my new throw rug in front of the fire. ;)

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