Do you help kill rares?

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If you see a tagged rare, do you help someone kill it? Or do you just stand their trying to taunt it so it resets or kills your fellow horde/alliance.

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If it's an alliance then I kill them.
I do not help kill them as some folks want the challange involved. The only time I do help is if the player is at 25% health or less, and looks like they are having issues. I also base my decision to help on if the player in question is using a class that is capable of healing themselves in any fashion.
I don't have time to notice rare mobs or people fighting them since all I do on this character is dailies.

So, sorry if I didn't help someone somewhere or something.
If its horde I /lol them and HOPE the horde scum gets killed, so as they get back to their body they can see me killing it and getting the loot myself.
If I need or want to kill him I stand aside and see how the other person does. If I don't need or want the kill I may step in if the person is about to die. If the other person doesn't need an assist they may get annoyed not being allowed to down it alone.
12/26/2012 12:02 PMPosted by Deathfeeder
If it's an alliance then I kill them.

I don't have the luxury of being on a PvP server, or I'd do the same.

Anyway, I check to see who the person is that tagged the mob. Since I'm aware of some of the higher people on both sides (I'm actually in a guild on each side that's about the same progression), I'll help if I know the person, walk away if I don't, and sit there and watch in the hopes they die if I don't like them.
Help Horde.

Anything to hinder Alliance... Short of abusing game mechanics. I wont try and reset, but damn sure wont help.

Mine is a healthy hatred.
If I see it tapped I ignore and continue what I'm doing. I've noticed that when I kill them, especially the ones that drop pets, I have people hovering over me the whole time not helping. I try to pull the mob into them that way so they die.
Nope. I will watch and if they die I swoop in and kill it. I wont taunt or anything in an attempt to steal the kill but you better believe if they die I am going to tag it and kill it.
I would prefer to "go it alone" when tackling a rare spawn, so I would give the same consideration to anyone else.

If they fail and die...sorry, but it's my turn now. If I fail and die, you'll have another chance.

it's a dog-eat-dog world out there.
Nope. I hope they die so I can take the tag
If it's Allies, yes. If It's Horde, no.
I sit by and watch. If they attack me, I attack them. They kill it, I leave. They die, I buff up and take my turn with the Rare.
I take turns casting spells at the alliance player, then at the rare, to see who dies first.
Horde and Alliance both, yup.

They've done it for me, so I'll do it for them.
If it is Horde, I watch them fight it.

If it's Alliance, I only intervene if they're about to die.

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