Do you help kill rares?

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If it's an alliance.. they're dead automatically.. if it's horde I'll just stand next to them and wait until either the rare dies or they die.. if they die I take the tag and fly off.
I would prefer to "go it alone" when tackling a rare spawn, so I would give the same consideration to anyone else.

If they fail and die...sorry, but it's my turn now. If I fail and die, you'll have another chance.

it's a dog-eat-dog world out there.

I realize this too, so I'm careful when helping other Alliance with rares, on my pally, I'll buff and heal right away, but I'll only fully engage if the other guy looks to have problems with it, same with my mage.

but with Horde, well I wont try to mess them up, but I wont help either
I don't help unless I know the person. However, I like pulling nearby mobs into an Alliance person trying to fight.
I look at guild name: *Guild full of d-bag muffins - ignore him, hope he dies. *Guild with nice chill folks - help em kill it.
If they are low on health and it's obvious that they aren't going to make it, I help them out. Even if you are Alliance, I will give you a hand. I've been known to first bandage a fellow Horde and then help them kill it.
I usually fly over to them an /cry or /hiss if its a horde. I then float above if I think theres a chance they will die, or I just fly away.

Many times I team up with people to kill them though.
If it's an alliance, I will kill them. If it's a horde, I assist.
12/26/2012 12:01 PMPosted by Elrand
If you see a tagged rare, do you help someone kill it? Or do you just stand their trying to taunt it so it resets or kills your fellow horde/alliance.
i stand there and watch or move on. it is because i wouldnt want help when i kill my own rare either, unless i ask for help. i know some people say this is an MMO and you should play with others, but sometimes i just want to do it on my own.
Everytime I end up joining the fight the other person ends up dead anyways, and I get to fight a weakened rare and get all the loot to myself.
I help.

I even had one the other day where I helped, and the guy invited me. The drop would have been a nice upgrade for me too and it went to roll, but I passed as he had already tagged it before I joined in so I was not expecting to roll on loot.
The way I see it, if the other player tagged it; it's theirs fair and square. If the person is clearly in distress/trouble and needs the help I'd hop in and help. If they got everything under control I /say "Grats" and move on.
I help, even though I'm on a PvP server regardless of faction I help them kill the rare spawn. On the off chance they mess up/die I get the loot but I also like helping others. And the PvP prospective I don't like fighting others on uneven footing as silly as that may sound.

When I PvP I hope the playing field is fair.
There was one time a rare mob got tagged and the player was phased. I assumed that I was phased to that player as well and it was obvious that the other player was having difficulties. The rare mob kept resetting.

The last time he reset, I waited until he got tagged again, then helped him kill it. I certainly wouldn't have been able to take it by myself (still had some cata gear) and I doubt he would have done the same for me.
The way I see it, if the other player tagged it; it's theirs fair and square. If the person is clearly in distress/trouble and needs the help I'd hop in and help. If they got everything under control I /say "rats" back to dailies and move on.

I'm like some of the other posters. If the player is in control I'll watch and cheer them on. If they look like they're going to fail, I'll step in and help.
I sometimes help. I sometimes just wait and watch. I never interfere with someone else's kill and it depends if I want whatever that rare drops.

I at least give that person their fair chance of downing it themselves. Of course that still seems to ruffle some feathers.

I remember this one time me and some guildies were watching a Monk take on Major Nanners. We just hovered over him, watching him slowly whittle the monkey down. Eventually died and we swooped in before a nearby Ally could tag him. The Monk then proceeds to call us out in General chat about how we stole *his* rare.

Not that he could try again anyway with rez sickness.
Same Faction: I'll help unless I want it for their drop or the achieve. Otherwise, I'll just wait nearby to see if they get it or not.

Opposite Faction: I help the mob...poor guy was just sitting there eating his lunch when the big bad Alliance/Horde stomped on his cookies...

And then I kill the mob for his cookies +)
I usually watch, if they get a kill they earned it, if they wipe I go for my shot at it. The items off some of them are too good to just let someone get it for free because you helped them kill something they were otherwise incapable of. you want the item you earn it by handling it yourself. Otherwise, move aside and let me show you how it's done.

In no shape or form do i grief though. That stuff is outright rude. I stay out of way until they are done. I don't pull mobs into them, or taunt it away, or any obnoxious crap people do. Those people need to DIAF. (Scritch is one of worst for this. People will pull a bunch of shamen mobs near scritch to heal him up. They have a scaling heal that is a percent based heal and they heal nearby targets with lowest health. Even if you aren't in combat with them, pulling them near scritch gets him topped off quite consistently which forces your hand into actually fighting all the shaman someone pulled to you or having an endless health pool hozen).
I try my best into tricking the person who is killing the rare to die.

and then I try to ninja it for myself. :(


Not sorry.

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