How to reach "The Bomb" in Silverwind Refuge

There's a big bomb with an exclamtion point on top of a goblin contraption in Silverwind Refuge, Ashenvale. I can't figure out how to reach the top of the contraption to get close enough to the bomb to click on it. I've spent a good while trying to reach it. I climb up the ramps, but can only get so close.
The ramps can be tricky but there is a path all the way to the top. Just make sure you look all around you every few steps.
The machine on which "The Bomb" sits has changed in the last year. Are you certain that there is still a path to the top? I cannot find it either. In the video that I watched it was pretty easy to find the path.
There was just another thread yesterday about the same quest. Its broken, and has been for a while. During one of the patches the machine was changed and no longer allows anyone who can't fly (so all players at the correct level for this quest) to access the bomb.

Expect it to stay that way...most broken quests are ignored for years until an expansion changes or removes them.
Thanks. With all of the money flowing into Blizzard, you'd think that broken quests would get some attention. I can't say I'm happy to learn about that.
Leveling my Monk, it's still broken. I had a friend fly me up to get the quest. It's the only way you can get it.
Seriously, why not make the radius of where the quest can be accepted larger?
That would take time and effort on their part. It has become clear that they will put effort in if there is a financial reward- such as working on the next expansion that we have to pay for- but they don't fix broken quests from years ago, because we already paid our money, who spend effort to make us happy?

I can list off quite a few broken quests from at least 2 years ago, which are still broken. Many others were only dealt with when Cata eliminated them. A quick example is the quest where you have to ride a Kodo from northern Basrrens/Ashenvale border to the village. You can't do the quest because it says that the kodo is "watering the bushes" and to check back. Forum posts show reports of it being broken in 2010, and its still broken! There are workarounds people have found, such as resetting the Kodo by using an Ali toon to kill the NPCs, but its something we shouldn't have to do just for a simple quest.
Aaww man! I'm stuck here, too! Can't get up there. :(
I guess I have to wait until I can fly up there myself or a friend flys me up. This really sucks!
I hate leaving the area seeing that big yellow exclamation mark!! :( :(
Thanks everyone
maybe if we all open up enough tickets about it eventually the errors will be logged and fixed
Probably still won't kick it up the To-Do-List since there's a workaround solution. Ask guildie/friend/pay a stranger to fly you there.

Or if nobody's around, ask in your ticket to have your character moved up there. They can do that too, I think.
I just ran into this issue, and submitted a bug ticket.

You'd think it would take no time at all for them to fix. Ugh.
Yup, I'm stuck on that quest and can't complete it, too. Why does Blizzard even have a bug-reporting function if they're not going to fix bugs.
The quest is share-able, you can have someone share it with you if a 2-person flyer isn't an option

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