[H] <Gentrification> 10 man Recruiting

Bleeding Hollow
<Gentrification> is a mature (adult) level 25 guild which transferred to Bleeding Hollow at the beginning of Mists. We formed during Cataclysm and quickly progressed through FL and DS. We are a purposly small guild looking for mature, adult players. Our goal is to be drama free. We understand that adult players have jobs, families, and other commitments outside of the game and we want the time spent in WoW to be as fun as possible.

If you are looking for a small, adult guild that you can make your home, where the people are friendly but not pushy, and where you can be guaranteed a raid spot every week - this is the guild for you.

** UPDATE **
I am looking to start a second group. Right now I am looking for everthing for group two starting with a raid leader. If you are interested in leading a raid group within an established guild please contact me, my real-id is at the bottom of this post. If you are interested in joining our second group, feel free to contact me. The group will start raiding as soon as it has an established leader and days/times are determined. This is the perfect opportunity for a group of friends looking to get into a raid group, thinking about starting a guild but who dont want to deal with leveling a new guild from 1-25.

Group 1 7:30-11 ET thurs-fri
alternates/bench for all roles

Group 2 TBD
Raid leader
All Roles

Current Progress
6/6 MSV 2/6 HoF

We will consider all interested players as long as they can meet our rules about attendance, are fun people, know their class/spec/role, and don’t stand in fire (or other bad things on the ground) :)

We are always accepting non-raiding members, as well as people with difficult schedules to act as raid alternates or if you are just looking for a level 25 guild for perks. Our only rules (for raiders) are as follows:

The new <Gentrification> has a strict 90% raid attendance policy. That means that out of 10 raid nights, you can miss 1. If this seems high, or you don’t think you can meet this criteria, then we would still be glad to have you as a raid alternate/member, but not as a core raider. This policy is in place to ensure that those raiders who show up every week do not have to suffer due to someone elses personal issues or busy schedule.

We are not looking for divas, drama queens, or special snowflakes (sorry if this sounds harsh). Raid times are a set duration; we will not make you stay late or raid additional nights. That being said, be prepared to stay for the entire scheduled raid time/nights and to wipe repeatedly when we are working on a new fight. We will provide and accept criticism as long as it is constructive and not cruel.

Contact weilyn#1717 or any member of Gentrification in game for more info. Thanks.
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Interested, add my battletag: Merithra#1445 when available to chat
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