Any good monk xmogs out there?

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Hello everyone, im in the process of leveling up my monk (currently 73).

But I was thinking, unlike my rogue, who can have countless different unique and amazing transmogs, what can a PANDA monk have as a transmog?

Anyone here have a decent armor set that looks good on a fat tub of lard rolling around and doing flips? If so link it bellow :)

If not, 1000 misfortunes to you >:[
I like mine. I'm all tribal or something. Ulduar stuff looks good too.
I thought this Panda Monk had a good thing going.
Not necessarily a monk-ish transmog, but this is best looking leather set in the game, in my opinion.
I'm serious monk
12/31/2012 01:27 AMPosted by Unmei
I'm serious monk

octopus plz

you should really get the stranglestaff from kara, would look great on that transmog imo

I actually have it and i have the blue one from vashj'ir too
i like my matchin swordz
Honestly? There isn't something that feels monkish and that looks good that I've seen so far. Panda or not. I've been wanting a new transmog set for a while, but really, nothing feels right. It's so bland, boring, or end up looking like a rogue. :(

My current set is something I pieced together based on my chestpiece. Was something I got from questing that I kept because I thought it looked cool. Rest I AH shopped for, or had in my bank for transmogging already. It's not even all that great, but it was a simpler transmog than my previous one. I liked going back to the earthy colors. But, even still, doesn't really feel all that interesting.

And the set Bhoron is wearing is just crazy. I've seen monks with it, but it just doesn't look that good. Oo Golden color feels more paladinish than it does a monks color.
I like this one.
I know a lot of people are rockin' the shado-pan look, so -points for originality. I just love their color-scheme :D
ZA set is preety good. I'm sporting the fists weapons from Mount Hyjal trash.
if my armory updated I love the blue look, if anyone has recomedations for shoulders let me know...
There are a lot of cool transmog sets out there for monks. Download Mogit and Atlasloot and you can spend hours on end building your favorite set.
You get this while levelling but I think it fits the mood
This one is really easy to get, just need a ton of borean leather to buy the patterns.
Im not sure if my xmog looks good on a panda, might be a bit too.....inflated xD

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