Any good monk xmogs out there?

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I dig the green on the ZA/ZG leather set that I'm wearing. Matches up nicely with a Tillers tabard and looks good with the female panda hair-streaking.
I think Jence wins, hands down.
I like my transmog... just saying.. lol
I knew from the start I wanted to use the monastery belt and a paddie hat. Tried to go for a low-key, traditional kind of style. Kind of disappointed in the lack of martial-artsy pieces so far, considering the setting of the x-pack. They really need to make the starter monk chests t-moggable.
some nice ones in here. I think mines cool
The downside of being the new kid is not having tier to fall back on, but lots or room for mix and match.

Still need the phoenix shoulders from fl but I'm on my way.

I'm sure its been mentioned but mog-it is an awesome addon
I personally like mine, i still need my belt and also a sword and off-hand. If anyone knows of a good sword and off-hand that would look good it would be very appreciated.
I'm pretty happy with mine now.
Yeah, I'm all about the shado pan look.
My transmogged belt won't show up (using the red monk class belt), but I like this set. Credit goes to a guildie for putting it together for me.
How's mine?
I just threw this together last night...wish I had another sword for my 2nd katana xmog is all.
Kinda has a super hero type feel
Set with this one for now, although I kinda want a different staff.
here's another Stormshadow set ;)
I think mine is pretty good

Fist of the Deity and Cursed Vision of Sargeras would go good with this set though right now i don't have two fist weapons nor do i have the helm.
01/02/2013 10:32 AMPosted by Thaynna
I like my transmog... just saying.. lol

What you have right now i pretty much my alternative one minus the shoulders and boots
i like this 1...pretty common
Assassination set is one of the best imo. I'm just waiting for the cursed vision of sargeras to complete my set.

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