Any good monk xmogs out there?

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I'm blue, dabadee dabadi ... I think it fits me, for what it is.
Red vs. Blue.
Mine? rogue tier offset from herioc FL with BC tabard, and H gundrak fist weapons
^^ Bird Panda. lol
How about this?

I'm not going to keep up with the gloves and belt while leveling - but I think this is a very nice and underused set.

And yes. I have horns. On my horns.
Discovery and Flowing Water are two of my favorites. I'm currently wearing Discovery. Flowing Water is the one lots of people seem to be using for a "shado pan" look.
Aww gurl. Dis my thread.
02/22/2013 02:33 AMPosted by Alatise
Aww gurl. Dis my thread.

Work on my farm, plz. <3
Red vs. Blue.

The REAL Red. =)
I like my look - went kinda barbarian.

I need something to mog my weapon and offhand though - red and purple are my colors.
check mine out
No one will ever look as good as me in this gear.
Weapons change, armor's set (Probably will get the pick later).
White Tiger watch over you...
blue ftw
I think my necklace is made out of anal beads...
I am partial to this look.
Challenge mode gear. WINNING

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