** LFM for Herald Of The Titans **

Looking for level 80's that are interested in getting their titles. Please be geared by the achievement's requirements (226 lvl gear with 232 weapon/oh, gems/enchants must also be proper).

Feel free to post if your character is interested or contact me in game.
Im gearing up a restoration shammy, its already 80, im just getting the gear
<Angry Pirates> will be hosting a Herald run soon in the future, if anyone on the server has a character geared for the achievement (dps is only thing that isnt a huge gear requirement, greens are fine, long as you can pull 5k+) and is interested in getting their title feel free to post here or contact me in game on my main Bearlol. Atm we do not need any healers for this and have 1 tank also covered, but are looking for anything else to fill the group with.
I already do have the title, but I don't mind helping, and I have a friend (Warlock, geared and all) that wants to get the title.

When would the run be?

(names are Energybarr & Lovebugs)
Looking for 1 tank and 1 dps for hosted guild run tonight at 8pm server, contact me in game or post on here if interested.

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