How much do you charge for lock picking

Hello fellow Rogues !!

I am wondering how much you charge for lock picking, i usually charge 10 to 50g but one each but one time i charged 150g each for 10 lock boxes, i ran away before he changed his mind.
i let them tip, a lock has between 25-40 gold i believe and a green inside. don't think anyone will pay more then 20 per pick. at least on my server
i don't care about money anymore
You should do it free of charge. We have a Rogue on my server (her name escapes me) who opens anybody's locks for free, in SW. Everybody knows her. I think she does this more then actually play the game :-)
I refuse to open lock boxes now.

Too often has my trade window been opened out of the blue without invitation only to have a lock box tossed at me. I'm lucky if I get a 1g tip.

Keep your lock box I say.
01/02/2013 08:28 PMPosted by Xada
i don't care about money anymore

You're a goblin, I don't believe you.

To answer the question, I used to charge a fee on my old rogue who I leveled in BC during ye olde days where leveling lock picking was something you had to do on your own (rather than the skill leveling as you did). Not many people on the server went through that mind-numbing grind so I felt okay asking for tips.

Now...well, this rogue isn't a high enough level for it to matter. But I'd take tips if offered and do it for free otherwise.
I dont, I open it and click trade so fast they dont know what happened.
I used to (back when one had to actually level up lockpicking). But now I do it for free (tips are nice if people offer, but most don't).
Nothing... They usually give me a tip based on what the got!
I don't charge for pickpocket, i use no material, i just open them and that's all
Some ppl give me tips, 10~50g but i never ask for anything.
8 years I have never charged for opening a lockbox.
Aye, I don't charge. I also generally refuse tips if they're more than a few gold.

I'll also immediately cancel a trade if a person simply dumps a box on me without asking nicely first.
01/03/2013 07:13 AMPosted by Caos
I don't charge for pickpocket,

I never charge.

Even on my mage I don't charge for portals, I made over 2k giving away free portals in Dalaran when they removed them (but not before putting them in the indented slots in the walls to fool people). <3
I don't charge. I use to charge back when you actually had to "level" lock picking because being a maxed toon with maxed lock picking was somewhat unique. Now every maxed level rogue has it.
I'm with Bigartz. Leveling lockpicking was fun for me to do on all of my rogues, and people would usually tip very well despite contents of the boxes just to find someone who could. Sat up on the Org bank and just said "Opening lockboxes on Org bank" and the people would flood in.

I don't charge, but my server seems to have a lot of greedy or just anti-social rogues. Tips range anywhere from 20g a pop to once getting 100g for three. It's not a bad thing to do waiting for queues.
I don't charge for it and accept whatever tip they put in the window, it's easier/faster than arguing with them to either reduce the amount or tell them to take it away entirely.

However if someone straight up just opens trade with a lockbox in it without asking me first I hit escape so fast it makes eyes cross.
I don't charge if they ask me. Usually get tipped somewhere in the range of 5 to 20gp though. I won't open a box if someone just puts it up in my trade window though out of the blue.

The only exception to not charging people is if I get a PST of "can you open 394200123 lockboxes for me?" Had that once...and it wasn't a guildie.

Doing something quick on the side is no problem. When it takes an hour to open all of your lockboxes, there are other things I could be doing :/
I don't charge, but will take tips if someone puts it in there (which they usually do). One guy had about 12 boxes (when he only asked for one). I opened them all, and he didn't offer a tip, so I politely informed him it was customary to tip for future reference. If it was one box, wouldn't have said anything, but like the poster above says, it can get ridiculous.
I like finding other rogues to open my lockboxes for me since I'm too lazy to press 2 buttons.

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