<Live Bug> Protection Enrage Glyphs Failure

Bug Report
Vengeance- which is an enrage, is not proc'ing Glyph of Enraged Speed, Or Glyph of burning anger, regardless of being classified as an enrage.

This would be very helpful in leveling my warrior if i could get that +20% move speed, it is helpful in dungeons...
can anyone tell me if this is working as intended?
I believe these glyphs are tied specifically to the buff Enrage, which is triggered by a critical strike from Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst or Colossus Smash, by performing a Critical Block, or by using Berserker Rage.

I do agree, however, that the tooltips are somewhat ambiguous, and could perhaps do with a slight rewording to reflect the exact nature of the buff required.

I'm fairly confidant that Blizzard doesn't intend for Prot Warriors to have a constant 20% movement speed buff when engaged in combat.
In prot mode, if warriors had a 20% move speed passive when taking damage. as Vengeance, listed as an Enrage, is the only Enrage available to a prot warrior. Making this glyph completely useless. This would be in no way dissimilar to the pally movement speed in dungeons, with full holy power, save pally is a full 30% Ghost Wolf/ Cheetah

20% is only when taking damage, with vengeance up, this is 99% of the time in Dungeons as prot. If warriors could get this, it would make leveling and tanking dungeons with a warrior mor fast paced, and able to compete with the Pally Long Arm/Pursuit and the Druid Feral Swiftness/Sprint/Travel Form- DK has 15% unholy and also some Deaths Advance +15% passive 25% active

with this 20%, at least a protection warrior would get the same advantage as a arms/fury warrior from this glyph with more mobility. Warriors are based heavily in using charge, which is more or less helpful when moving around, but charging the 30 yards to a guy, missing the Tclap then having them bum rush your heals, and can't catch them. This is a rough time as a tank in leveling gear.
I'm sticking with "this isn't bugged" and your post, Abhean, would make for a great feedback thread in the Warrior Forums where the devs read suggestions to consider for class changes. =)
01/05/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Abhean
Vengeance, listed as an Enrage, is the only Enrage available to a prot warrior. Making this glyph completely useless

This is untrue, for reasons I have already stated. Critical Block, which is only available to Protection-spec Warriors, triggers Enrage.

Also, comparing Warriors to other classes is not going to fly well. Different classes are different. Warriors have a charge, for example, which is why the other classes have movement speed increases instead.
Heck, I just want tank with my hair on fire. Is that so much to ask?

Maybe Burning Anger could be triggered by Enrage or Vengeance. That'd be super cool. Charge in on a mob of enemies, leaving a blazing trail in your wake, and suddenly you catch fire. A fear effect via trembling in place would be entertaining, but I won't expect that!

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