Blizzard Level 25! 25k Achieve Pts:WoW SC2 D3

So I just hit a combined total of 25,000 achievement points which I am dubbing ‘Blizzard Level 25’. It was my goal to finish this before 2012 ended but I went over by just a few days. I currently have 17890 achievement points in World of Warcraft, 2865 achievement points in Starcraft 2 and 4280 achievement points in Diablo 3. Totaling 25,030 achievement points across the three blizzard franchises currently supporting achievement points. I thought I would share as this has been the major goal of mine since Diablo 3 launched and I am so happy to finally reach it! Thank you in advance for your comments and if you have any questions please ask.

Battletag: Liquidmist#1408
Grats mists!
:D thank you!
That's pretty cool. I've often wondered if such an achievement association is in the future for Blizzard products. Remove them at the game level and make them at a level. Guess I should start working on D3 achievements a bit to see how high I can get. Thanks for the motivation.
I would absolutely love for blizzard to make achievements across the three games. I don't know how many people have this high of a combined total but it would be awesome to see my ranking in the world across the three games, either through a blizzard site or through the addition of achievements into the Diablo 3 API so sites like wowprogress could combine them for me.

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