Why do people hate gnomes?

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I was just wondering why do so many people want to eat gnomes and talk about how good they are punting is it because they are so small and you rage when killed by one I love gnomes and also I'm going to make a gnome warrior should I be a female or male one.
I rather like gnomes..would make on if they had hunters
After investigating the various races i have discovered that only Gnome girls make apologies for the inconvenience their murderous rampages cause.

They are the only race hated and picked on so much and the only one to have made any apology for their murderous rampages.

Therefore i conclude this is the reason for it.
and probably cause they tend to make cool stuff that we cant get our hands on...sighs...I would love pink hair
I'm not sure why. I guess it's because they're short, for some reason most people don't like short people :l
The answer is as sad as it is simple: Envy
The answer is as sad as it is simple: Envy

Yes...sad but true...pink hair and cool mechanical stuff
I'd be resentful if I were destroyed by something less than half my size too. That and most people find their voices annoying and sometimes their ingame dialogue borders on condescending, as you'd expect from a race generally falling under the smart category.

Personally though I find Goblin voices ten times more annoying than Gnome voices *shudder*
I don't hate gnomes. I tried them out for awhile on some characters (gnome warlock :p). Didn't think they suited me very much though so moved on. Each to their own.
Even Blizzard likes to have a jab at gnomes. One of the priest confessions reads:

I once punched a gnome. No reason. I was just having a bad day.
People hate gnomes because they are short, prepubescent, and act like they are actually important in the Alliance.
I don't hate them... I just get a bit angry when they tell my girlfriend her hair smells nice...
after this I actually rolled a DK gnome ...with pink hair...she is a lot of fun
specially on an rp server
<-------- my gnome
They're too darned cute. Some people can't handle the cute. I'm also a Worgen Rogue so there you go.
They're not too bad if you find the right sauce to go with them.
I hate gnome because their skills hit my balls. That's insane.
Gnome Pride Azeroth Wide.

They call me the King of Gnomes on Nagrand.

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