Why do people hate gnomes?

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My dad has a DK gnome and is very proud of it.

Drink a few of pygmy oil, be even smaller, and own your class - be talented as a player not just a pile of stats...

You'll be fine :D

edit: baby spice works too
I don't like the Gnome music, I don't like their voices, I don't much like the way they look either. I just find them irritating. Same goes for goblins.

About the only thing I like about gnomes are the characters in the Dark Legacy webcomic.
I have a couple of gnomes ^_^ they are cute .
I think it's because gnomes get a bonus in engineering and extra intellect. Either that, or people ignorantly believe that size matters.
I dared mess with a Gnome once. My ankles have never fully recovered :(
My, you're a tall one!
I find it difficult not to play gnome characters these days

I'm so heavily reliant on escape artist and being able to run under low hanging objects, life is so difficult as anything else

gnome 4 life
Gnomes are the ultimate alliance expression of 'Little man syndrome'. As a 6-foot something true blue Aussie male, I despise little men and their inferiority issues that are inherent with a sub 5"9 frame. Gnomes seem to revel in this ideology and I am sick of the amount of 'precious' gnomes I am forced to carry through content in this game.

As for female gnomes? Well there can be exceptions. But at the end of the day the likely scenario is that the controller is a male anyway (probably puny and lacking a large man's confidence), so screw them as well.

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