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Heyo. A guild that is forming a strong raid group will be interviewing me tonight. In preperation for this, I figured I would come to the Pally community and ask their Ret Raiders for some advice. Since I have been gone from WoW for over a year, I am a bit rusty. thus, I would rather get help from the community and make a solid first impression before jumping in head first.

As far as gear goes, I am not concerned about information on that. I am constantly replacing and improving gear when I can. Replacing my legs has proven to me insane, though. lol They are my lowest iLevel item. So yes, I know they gotta go.

My concern is stat allocation. I have Expertise and Hit capped for DPS. Not concerned about those. My concern is primary DPS stats following those. I hear different things from different sources so I hope to acquire said info from you! The sexy community.

So, should I enchant/gem for master, crit, or haste? I've seen Crit and Mastery do loads for my DPS, but not so much for Haste. But hey, I've been wrong before. And as for AoE, should I still use Seal of Truth to speed up the kill on my main target, or switch to Righteuosness? In that situation, I've seen Truth stand out more, but I could be mistaken.

PS: Please, be gentle. I bruise easily.
General rundown: Puissant gems are bad, as are the accurate gems - to gem hit, use either str/hit or haste/hit. Try not to gem or enchant for either (except hit to match blue sockets) and just reforge, instead. After caps, haste - as much as you can get, wherever you can get it. Mastery is still good, but nowhere near as beneficial as haste.

Haste's benefit is...Marginal at lower gear levels, and various things affect it's true value, and those are different per player. You're nowhere near the breakpoint where you should gem haste over strength, though, I can safely say. But go ahead and use str/haste orange gems to match your yellow sockets.

After haste, though, it's kind of a toss up between mastery and crit. Mastery grants a good chunk of bonus damage to a handful of our attacks - now including HoW! Crit, though, has a chance to benefit every damage packet we put out. And, since mastery damage is based on the size of the CS/HotR/HoW/TV/DS, crit has a direct influence on mastery damage as well.

Much of the gear this tier is riddled with crit, so I, personally, have been favoring crit over mastery despite both being weighted almost dead even for my current setup (last I checked, anyway). It's also nice to have roughly 30% crit chance fully raid buffed with Inq running during a burn cycle.

Basically, though, if you don't need haste or expertise, forge a piece into haste; if it already has haste and you don't need hit or expertise, pick crit or mastery.

For Seal usage, really isn't any reason to ever use anything but Truth; Censure just hits too damned hard for any other damaging Seal to compare. Also, in AoE situations, immediately swap to HotR and DS at two targets to maximize DPS.
Thank you both! I am all ready in SW reforging, gemming, and enchanting! Even my lame low tier green legs. lol
Wouldn't bother enchanting greens unless it's a weapon, honestly; waste of money since greens are primary replacement fodder.
I enchanted them. I figured... why not? Anyways, just ran a Scarlet Halls Heroic. Saw a huge difference in DPS. I am starting to feel kind of stupid for ever having doubted Haste.
Just wanted to say "Thank you" to the two Paladin's who gave me a hand in preparing my Ret Pally. I did my first 3 LFR raids this weekend. I was astonished at the numbers I was pumping out. First two raids I stayed in the top 3 of DPS. 3rd raid (first half of Heart of Fear).... I was out geared and my DPS was around 10th. lol And as explained to me early on in another topic, I keep Tomes on me so I can switch my lvl 90 talent depending on the fight.

Thank you.
No prob, man; happy to help.

Also, grats on the two pieces of gear.
Thanks. I was surprised I managed one item, let alone two!
Bringing this thread back since I need more advice.

I know somewhere along the line I am supposed to switch out my Str gems for Haste. I just don't know where. I downloaded Simcraft, used it to scale Str and Haste, but I have no idea what I am looking at. lol

On Scale Factors of DPS it shows:
Str = 2.98
Haste = 1.50

For all I know I am looking at the wrong thing. Help?
haste needs to be at least half as good as strength (since you get 320 haste from a haste gem, but only 160 strength from a strength gem). it would appear you're teetering on that point now, but its all based on scale factors interacting with eachother.

if you can i would go to chardev and regem your gear there, and import into simcraft and sim it. your stat weights will fluctuate a lot when you change even a single gem, so if you go wholesale on haste for the purpose of simulating it (through chardev profiling), you can see the effects that would have on your character without changing your gems at all.

as far as other stuff goes: in blue sockets you should be using haste/hit or strength/hit (depending on what the sim tells you) gems. stamina is not something you should be gemming for.

your gear looks to have come a decent way though. other things to consider: using holy avenger instead of sanctified wrath. without 4pc tier, the benefits of Holy Avenger are larger than SW (most of the time).

that's really all i saw though, for someone who just came back you seem to have picked up on things pretty quickly (from just a cursory armory profile glance).
I see where you are coming from, Flay. I was always under the impression of using my trans to acquire my hit. But after your point, I started thinking. using the Str + Hit gems would free up some of my trans for more Haste. I feel kind of dumb for not realizing that myself.

Also, thanks for the compliments. Yeah, Paladin has been the one class that always sat well with me. Up until Cataclysm (when I took my year and half leave), I had all three specs mastered. Even in Vanilla when Ret and Prot were laughed at. I out tanked so many people in Vanilla people would be in denial once the run was over. lol Back when we had a Seal specifically for tanking and nothing else. And heck, I used Ret to PvP to the point that I got the rank I currently have in Feats of Strength achievement.

My talents will pretty much stay the same (save for the last talent which I always change depending on the fight). They work with my flow in each battle, but I am sure you know what I mean.

Anywho, I'll take your advice about using the other sites/programs and running the numbers again. But just to make sure I am on the same page with you.... If I do all this and Simcraft shows my Haste is still half as good as str, I should go ahead and regem for Haste in game. Correct?

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