Server first 25 man LFM skilled players.

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Hakkar? 25man? Dont be silly now, it is hakkar after all
Show's what you know about your own server then:P We've been running 25's on Hakkar for about a month now.(not counting the months we ran them on our old server) for about a month now.
I dont pay attention to the alliance side of things, that often but that said even so there has been a lack of it in the past
There ya go then lol. Sure spoke like you knew what was going on though! I'm working hard here while the rest of Hakkar wallows in their despair because they don't want to change it.
Hakkar is actually my home server back when it was a good server early to late BC. Hakkar can become popular again,recruits tend to like hearing that we are going to compete with the US while still getting server firsts achievements easily.
Whelp,i'm running out of different languages to bump my post with.
Seems like for the horde side whenever a guild mentions trying to form a 25man, that a week goes by and then next thing you know the guild is gone and transfered off
Yea,i've heard stories while I was gone. I have experience on this server from before though so we will survive. I knew what I was stepping into lol.
We transferred our core 25 over almost two months ago now and we're still going strong,just replacing some people at this point.
Seems like most guilds are having a hard time keeping a ten man together let alone even dreaming of a 25 man lol.
Ye as far as I can tell there is now only about 2 or 3 horde 10 mans raiding now. A lot of them have lost people. I know some switched to your guild, *cough* Ambar! *cough* lol
Rofl yea. it was us or transfer off they said so we gave them a shot and def glad I did:D They're legit.
So what brought you to the recruitment forums?
Leisurely stroll?

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