[A10M]<Albion> GMT+8 Recruiting (10-11PMST)

[A]<Albion> Recruiting for 10M raiding

Albion is a late night raiding guild looking for dedicated people to join our 10 man core. We welcome new players/alts and will try to get them geared as we are able. Experience is not necessary, new players are welcomed. Our raid leaders are experienced on current content along with old raid. Please be mature and open minded. Most of our raid member consist of South East Asian and West Australian. But we have members from NZ as well.

To summarize what we need:
People that show up during raid times
Have knowledge of the raid mechanic
good at their class
If none from above least be a good learner and listener

Raid Time:
Wed, Fri (monday if necessary) 10PM server time (11 now due to DST)
2-3 hours per day

Raid Time:
Our current Roster Are

Monk BM - Chiaia (Raid Leader)

Ele/Resto Sham - Linkchan
Disp Priest - Prismriver

Hunter - Steinberg
Lock - Tukangjiawa

Rogue - Jatrix
DK - Guilt

Currently we are looking for:
off tank (plate tanks preferred) - high demand
healers - pref priest and paladin - high demand
mage! where the hell are mage @_@ - so so

other class are also welcomed since raid spot are performance based

If you're interested, you can contact
Chiaia/Seracia with
ingame mail/pst and we will try to get back to you ASAP.

p.s: please have vent!

- rooster updated per 16 feb
bump for awesomeness ;)
bump, we're starting raid around mid january so we can help gear you guys before that

still looking for awesome and fun people :)
we will help you gear while our raid is on holiday period :D
info updated. Oh mighty warrior where are thou when i need you (not in arena)
bump for awesome and fun people :)
bump still need a good dps that know how to handle mechanic :)
let me know if you are the one, pst or ingame mail we'll get back to you!
hey just wanna check if you guys still need a tank?
I'm a tank at 489 equipped, 492 ilvl in total.
15/16 exp. didn't down empress as my guild didn't focus on HOF. 2/16 hm

OS (heal 472 ilvl).

Appreciate your consideration :D
Hey genevia. sorry for the late reply :)
our other tank is leather user as well, and we gt a rogue
so there might be to much leather user in the composition
let me discuss with other officer and i'll drop you a mail ingame
gogogo :) let us hear from you!
Hi. My ilvl is still way too low, as I'm still grinding dailies and heroics for rep and items. However, I'm looking for a gmt +8 2 day raid.

I was an officer and holy paladin in Unholy on Thaurissan (name Kaze) during our server first days in The Burning Crusade. We firsted everything but a couple of Kara off bosses and Leotheras until our server first illidan kill. I was an active part of that but left when sunwell opened to finish my phd.

That's done now and I'm looking for a raid. I don't expect any carries and I'm gearing as quickly as full time work permits. Should I lodge an app?
Got a reply from my thread, I would definitly be interested if you guys need disc priest, but just abit confused as to wheather u need a disc. Saw this post before but disregarded it cos u already had a raiding disc priest. Anyway, hopefully can chat to someone ingame when i get off work
ive got a 485 warr experienced tank Really keen to join his name is Teritha and im trying to get in contact with you guys in game
@Isotropy: hey mate nice to hear from you :) what class you'll be raiding with? and yes we will be happy to have a full time healer. we're alliance tho, are you going to reroll or transfer?

@Trilee: heya, im the disipline priest, i need to switch between tank and healer since we're short of dedicated tank/healer so i'm filling up the missing role. let me know ifyou got question to ask :)

@Sluhtguts: Yo man! a full time plate would be awesome, but our raid tiem is pretty much the same with vehe, can you make it?
Holy paladin.

Server transfer and faction change isn't an issue. Hmm. Draenei or Human? Choices.
I.ll.log on with an alt to frostmourne tonight and see if anyone is around to chat.
bump :) just to let you know we're still looking for people to kick back in 5.2 :D
dedicated one would be great!
Bump! Comon plate tank and heals pst us ingame or here. We are awesome group!
On frostmourne ill pat you in game tonight cheers
You guys have a use for an enhancement shaman 485 ilvl 16/16 exp 1/12 tot this is my alt but been playin it as my main last few weeks

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