T15 Hunter Gear

Only word that comes to mind when I look at the hunter T15.


(Rugrats reference)
Dead animal somewhere again...

Please Blizzard, just let me transmog in shaman stuff.

For a class as awesome as hunters, we should definitely have the coolest tier.

Genuinely, I feel bad that we have to ask for a redesign on it, since it's already made and such, but I think the general consensus of the hunter community would agree that we do not like the Dead animals thing anymore. My personal idea would focus on the fact that hunters blend in with their surroundings/use camouflage. Maybe something dark and woodsy, and not to steal their thunder, but the t15 druid set design in a mail variety would be entirely applicable and passable as a hunter tier.

I really hope this gets through to you blizz, we love our hunters and we NEED a great looking tier. Not just a bearable tier. "There's always xmog" shouldn't be the fix-all answer. I don't want to xmog to something I wore long enough in the past.

Thanks for reading,
KAYDII <3<3 :3
12/21/2012 08:50 PMPosted by Aara
Just no

S13 is worse in my opinion.
Pfft. *takes up walking cane and swings it awkwardly, missing everyone quite unintentionally*

I remember back in Wrath when I was stuck in a rhino costume and couldn't transmogrify it!!!

You whippersnappers be quiet.

Also... /signed
You know your new artwork is a hit when everyone transmogs to sets they complained about years ago
t15 looks terrible and the pvp armor looks like a remake of t13. Looks like I need to get around to getting the challenge mode set since that's the only decent thing they've made in awhile.

Thread lost momentum fast. I guess it's okay to move it back up to front page. Although this thread is not particularly constructive, blizzard please look at us not as a bunch of forum trolls, but as a sample group representing a larger population of hunters who will not like this tier set (from looking at other forums and the youtube preview of the set, im right that we represent the majority of hunters not liking it.) Also judging by the preview from mmo-champ (they have the usual disclaimer about beta being beta, but their track record is pretty much what you see is what you'll get) the effects on this set are incredibly lame. :( A little brown/orange smoke on the shoulders never impressed anyone. From a lore/design perspective, I don't know what about smokey shoulders is hunter like anyways. If an effect could ever be made in game where the set's color adjust to the color of the terrain (i.e green in foresty areas, tan in durotar/desert areas) that'd be much more hunter oriented. I've read horrendous things people say about the look of hunters such as "Doomed to look the worst every tier since t6" and "the hunt continues for a good hunter set" or my least favorite "At least we have transmog."

If nothing can be done for this tier, please consider - really consider - going all out, no bars hold on our next arena season and tier set. I'm not much of a forum poster because seeing all the trolling and non-constructive posts bothers me, so please take this genuinely that I'm only posting all of this because I love the hunter class and feel we have been neglected from a visual design standpoint.

Thanks for reading,
KAYDII <3<3 :3
/signed, i hope they don't go the route of last tier where they just swap the pvp and pve gear and shaft the pvp set. just make a new one, please for the love of god!
Just fix the shoulders and it's great. I don't think T15 is bad at all except for the shoulders.
Ha maybe I'm just different or something but T15 looks pretty cool, though season 13 helm looks whack lol. But I'm also a hunter who is still in love with the T11 set.

T15 looks good not diggin the season 13 though, thank God we have xmog lol.
t15 looks terrible and the pvp armor looks like a remake of t13. Looks like I need to get around to getting the challenge mode set since that's the only decent thing they've made in awhile.

How the? lol pvp helm looks like the pally T11 dunno what u talkin about lol.
I don't mind the set that much, but it could look a lot better.
It looks like we skinned a Saurok. So basically it's Saurokstalker. : /
12/26/2012 02:48 AMPosted by Arkimus

The point is we SHOULD NOT HAVE TO use Transmog.
I like to be able to walk in a major city showing off my heroic gear, gear that is not easily achieved.

I don't want to go around with some T2 that I just farmed for 3 weeks.
I was hopping for a set to be like a Serpent dragon but this was poorly done, the helm ok the rest Waaaay too overused models there.
Some Hunters love this as from another thread but I am no fan; purely down to preference tho. To be honest, I probably transmog out of it anyway.

What I am going to suggest (mostly out of topic) is to add exclusivity to Gears' appearance based on their difficulty - LFG, Reg and Heroic should look different at one glance, not just a different coating. A glow or something that stands out should be the way for heroic gears (and no I'm not cutting edge).
More aggression man! This tier is really not good enough, and this thread has the most posts out of the t15 threads, so I don't see harm moving it up, and hoping blizzard sees it and does something nice for us Hunters. :3

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