5.2 rogue buffs and changes.

( almost completely pvp related) So who is stoked about the changes coming in 5.2?
some people im seeing are not happy cause the of the almost certainty that they changes make the class too strong and then we will get nerfed for the worse because of it. but honestly rogues just need a change plain and simple, our class is boring and has nothing to offer as it stands right now. i agree A LOT of the changes are OP but hands down any change is gonna make it x10 more fun.
thoughts on additional changes: recuperate needs a buff or a change, the need to get recup and snd up too stay alive and deal dmg is not ridiculous but its clunky as hell. a suggestion is that they not change the energy regen from snd (this is for sub rogues) to recup but make it work for both abilities, so that this wont effect pve rogues need to use both. but make pvp rogues use recup in pvp as it is intended. side note if they made the energy regen slightly increased (20%) from having snd and recup up, this would give pvp rogues and pve rogues more of a want to use their abilities and isnt a large buff.
last thoughts. OUR CLASS IS GETTING BUFFED! whoot rogues lets hope we dont get hit with the nerf bat harder than ever but lets all enjoy the changes.

please give some feedback.
excuse the bad writing.

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