[A]The Butchers Are Recruiting for 25 mans

Bump for the majestic butcher squad.
Still need a few dps. Currently 11/16 progression wise.
Bump.... Still need DPS
I was kicked out unfortunately, I was raising a warlock too...
Bump for more DPS!
bump for dps
We are now 13/16 and still looking for good dps for core spots.
Bump now 14/16 Still looking for good dps to fill our core roster up.
make it 15/16
Soon, Sha will fall, and there will be celebrations with ice cream.
gonna be the only raiders left once we leave
02/18/2013 08:20 PMPosted by Urfather
gonna be the only raiders left once we leave

Are you guys switching to horde or transferring servers? or both i guess :)
right now it looks like ally on a diff server....got an hm will kill to get before we go tho o.0...gotta get a blue team on page 1 of wowprogress
Bump still looking for good dps
We could also use a good healer, preferably a hpally or disc priest
Congrats on 16/16, gang. =)
Thanks Whiteleaf =) Still looking for DPS/ Holy pali/Disc Priest

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