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12/24/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Headdie
The Storm Peaks and Grizzly Hills/Howling Fjord are my favorites.

oh yea i did mean stormpeaks, not ulduar.


pure masterpeice
Zeppelin to Northren.
Jade Forest, Storm Peaks, Grizzly Hills, and Teldrassil have got to be some of the best music in this game by miles
Grizzly Hillz fa life, mon.
Molten Core
Grizzly Hills
Mount Hyjal

I purposely set the music to loop and just fly around (or stealth in MC) and enjoy the music and scenery. <3
Howling Fjord.

I think I will take a tour of each zone now to remember its great music :)
dun morogh. oh the memories
Feralas. I will keep talking about this zone until it is recognized for being absolutely stunning with looks and music.

Storm Peaks, just has that somber tone, that there's something ominous going on.
By far Grizzly Hills. I've always wanted that type of feeling zone. Fit into Northrend so well imo!

I love the game's music. I bought the Burning Crusade CE 100% to get the soundtrack and just had to continue on since then. Its a main focus point of them for myself.
Crystalsong Forest
I love Grizzly Hills but I really love the Shadow Pan Monastery.
Howling Fjord is probably one of the best pieces of music I've ever listened to.
Storm Peaks, Storm Peaks, Storm Peaks.


Oh man, good question. I'll break it down by expansion...

Vanilla - Westfall and Burning Steppes.
BC - Nagrand
Wrath - Grizzly Hills and Howling Fjord
Cata - Uldum
MoP - Not sure on this one yet...but I'm liking Kun-Lai so far
All of the Inn music. Everywhere. It's flippin' amazing.

Another favorite is the Pet Battle music. When I first heard that WarCraft 2 "Human1" track when entering a battle, I totally geeked out and went around telling everyone while they struggled to understand why it was important.

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