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Vashj'ir le duh ;3
I like Stormwind music.
The Auchindoun instance music are far and away the best tracks in the game in my opinion. I am sad that Matt Uleman and the Blizzard north guys aren't around anymore. I am glad that Runic got and kept Matt for all their Torchlight games and for Hellgate while flagship was a thing.

I hope that when/if there is a Diablo III expansion Blizzard contracts Matt for the music. Diablo doesn't fell the same without is erie drums and piano and spanish style guitar for me.
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Forge of Souls and Grizzly Hills

Agreed on the Grizzly Hills. I also love the Storm Peaks music.

Forge of Souls music sounds like it's from a bad 1970's action/!@#$ film.
Grizzly Hills, although The Wandering Isle is a very close second.

Third would be the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. I go to all three areas and just sit and listen. (I keep an alt on The Wandering Isle just so I can sit by the pools or under a tree and listen to the music.)

Fourth and it is really close to the third... would be the Tavern in Ironforge or Karanos (sp?) I can never remember how to spell that place. >.< Sit by the fire, grab an ale and ahhh!
1) Ashenvale/Teldrassil
2) Vashj'ir
3) Storm Peaks
4) The chase portion of Halls of Reflection
5) The Pandaria inn music
I always thought this was epic when I was in certain zones of Hyjal

The Faerie Circle music.

It's a rare thing to walk in on, but it's beautiful.

Sure it's not actually a zone, but it's pretty nonetheless.

I agree.

I also love the Teldrassil music. It will always be my favorite.
Mine Are:

Howling Fjord/Grizzly Hills
CoT: Old Hillsbrad
Pet Battles: The first two of the "Human Tracks" from WC2 and The 2nd "Orc Track" (The one that appears in WC3 and Old Hillsbrad)
Undercity Event: Lament of the Highbourne, as well as the parts of that song that play in Eversong Woods.
I like Grizzly Hills, the old Elwynn Forest music, and the Purge of Dalaran's Jaina.. thing.
Grizzly Hills, Vashj'ir, Tanaris, Elwynn Forest, Dalaran, Shattrath, Durotar, Dun Morogh, just to name a few.
Black Temple: The dark, bleak, sorrowful music really got to me.
And Ulduar.
Storm Peaks

Lion's Landing

Forge of Souls

Just to name a few.
Vash'jir always :D
Teldrassil, Darkshore, Ashenvale. My first WoW experiences were in the night elf zones and the look, feel, and sound of the zones absolutely made WoW for me. While I enjoy much of the music in this game, I don't think Blizzard, or anyone for that matter, is capable of topping the music in those zones.
1. Any zone that plays THIS... Night Song


This song has a VERY high game immersion factor, and is truly epic (especially @ 1:20+)

The only thing wrong with it, is that, it is not long enough for me. :( I loop this tune when I am feeling role-playful, or i'm in an intense battle, mission, or quest.

2. Totems of the Grizzlemaw - Grizzly Hills


This song can bring me to tears. Combine this awesome song with an awesome zone such as Grizzly Hills in Northrend, and I could stay for days. I always feel like I am out camping as a child in this zone. Something about the trees and forest...
The first two minutes of this song is so tender, so sweet, sad, and internally moving. The latter half (violins) reminds me of a commercial for Folgers Coffee, I don't know why! But, I still like it.

3. The Shaping of the World


Another immersive gameplay song, old-school style.

4. Moonfall


One word.... Darkshore
This song haunts me, and I miss it so much when I visit Darkshore now. This one was one of the beautiful Night Elf themed songs I loved so much.

5. Is a TIE!

A Call to Arms & Seasons of War



Need I say more?
Grizzly Hills is the one I hated the most, couldn't stand it.

My favorite would have to be the Cathedral Square music in Stormwind
Howling Fjord.
Silvermoon, eversong woods, halls of lightning, shado pan monastery (these last two have segment i like not he entire thing)
I always liked the music in Kara, though that might just be sentiment.

My least favorite is Grizzly Hills, by a wide margin... that was the zone that first prompted me to turn off in-game music.

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