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I like how he hasn't responded after his attempt to calm the masses failed. Maybe it's the fact he knows he's wrong. Maybe it's because he's really busy. Whatever the reason is, cooldowns should be reset upon leaving the Brawler's Arena. I'm on a "high" populated server, the queue's have been less than 5 minutes every time I've tried to enter the arena. My opinion has been stated and re-stated countless times. Let's do something productive Blizzard. Otherwise, give a decent excuse for why this hasn't been changed or why it wasn't like this when it went live.

P.S. Jay Wilson - I.e. worst Diablo game producer of all time currently.
Have just got up to level 6 where it started to get more difficult and interesting. No-one else was queuing so the only limitation was waiting 5 mins between attempts for my cooldowns to reset.

Instead of figuring out challenging fights I'm wondering why I'm bothering to wait 4 mins doing absolutely nothing at all.

Resetting the cds upon entering the area could only enhance the experience. I guess I can understand that they would be hesitant to reset them in all circumstances, but they are already resetting in raid PvE content and it is a vast improvement. More time playing and less time doing nothing at all staring at a timer can only be better. It is hard to see how this could be exploited in any meaningful way.
In the Dark Summoner fight it's damn near impossible as a melee. Therefore I need EVERY cool down I have, it's insanely annoying having to wait ten minutes for Army of the Dead CD to reset.

P.S. - Nerf the god damn dark summoner.
Feel the need to chime in. I've been attempting the same boss for the past thirty minutes or so. Between every attempt, I have to sit and wait for eight minutes while Army of the Dead resets. There's no one else here, it's just me waiting around. I spend more time waiting for it to reset than I do actually fighting.

This is absolutely ridiculous, and serves no purpose. Please reset cooldowns after a fight is finished.

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