Massacre(H) 10/13H LF Ranged DPS & Healers

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Come on kids, plenty of loot getting De'd!
Paladins must be named rath/wrath or some sort of variation in order to apply
But we'll take shaman and monk healers so long as they have a name! Actually I lied, I'll just call you new shaman or new monk in vent.
Heroic 25m Blade Lord Ta'yak down!!! WTB another holy pally and or resto sham
Mmmmm Heroics
Still looking for M DPS?
Just got a pile of melee apps, but sure could use a resto shaman /wink
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...
25 Man Alt runs on the weekend
02/02/2013 09:09 AMPosted by Slanket
25 Man Alt runs on the weekend

You'll like the way you look
We need a realm chat for Tuesdays.
Active Long time healer LF a weekly Raid spot ; 10 or 25 man either will do. I am available EVERY NIGHT from 4pm too 4am the following day. Am Ready to server xfer if chance is given to me to raid and show my worthiness, and if the guild is ACTIVE and worth transfering over for. I am new to Pandaria dungeon raiding, but have done countless other 10 and 25 man raids in the past expansions on eother this shaman or my hunter.

ITL 481 and rising weekly, and hard at work at it. I am very alert, Use DBM and when I am told to move I MOVE ! I use Skype and Ventrilo. I have been working very hard on my gear to better prepare myself for a strong raiding guild that is ready to have me on their roster. I am currently on medical leave so i have LOTS of time to contribute to a guild and hope to make friends along the way. I am also interested in dungeon challenges and have a full pvpv set. I have multiple screens thus always having a layout and description of any Dungeon Boss or trash the raid encounters. if interested pls reply and ill be glad t contact u in game before to discuss. ty
Please add one of us in game. Real Id's on front page
still looking!
looking for a few good raiders!
Bump for you guys :D
How's Illidan treating you?

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