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12/28/2012 09:15 PMPosted by Amêlià
That was not on topic this forum is ment to discuss the fact that blizz doesn't car eabotu real life threats anymore.L2READ please

No, this isn't a thread to discuss anything, this is a thread for you to whine and make a scene and point fingers.

After talking to you, this is what I'm starting to think actually happened:
you reported someone for something that doesn't actually merit a punishment, and instead of wasting time arguing with you, blizzard just added a tally to your account's "issued a false report" count.

In fact, your story about the gurubashi arena is great evidence to support this alternate theory. You willingly flagged yourself for pvp, and then reported everyone who attacked you as griefing. Really?
It's not your forum. It's Blizzards. If they had to reply to every person who sent them tickets they'd never get anything done.

Especially since most of the tickets are just people overreacting over some person who's raging on the internet.
12/28/2012 11:00 PMPosted by Amêlià
Are you really that daft? This forum is not complaining about being ganked it's about having your life threatened.Wow you just just silly... Are you tl;dr or what? If you don't like what this forum is about (READ THE ORIGINAL POST TO FIND OUT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT!) then leave. You are beginning to troll my forum and i really don't appreciate it. See this? This is me being nice.

what was said to you?
12/28/2012 08:04 PMPosted by Amêlià
About your forum on Real Life Threats. I've been recieving those ever since i joined the server known as Moon Guard, yet every time i open a ticket or report it i never get a responce f5rom a GM and i see those said players the next day and everyday for about a week or so. Has Blizzard Entetainment GM's stopped caring? I think so. P.S. I am still waiting on a responce for the ticket i submitted yesterday relating to this issue.

To be evaluated as a threat of this nature - you need to submit it as such, not as a simple harassment report.

That is why it's been in queue for a few hours.

I'd also ask you to not abandon petitions until they have a chance to be addressed. I do see a number in your history that never had a chance to be evaluated.

In any case, if you feel there is a direct threat, your local authorities should always be your first recourse. If they need information from us, they will contact us.

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