[H] <Peccavi> LF1M Healer 10m Fri/Mon

Peccavi is a progression minded but relaxed guild (level 25) that is looking to recruit skilled and experienced players for our core raid group.

We are currently 16/16nm and pushing progression with a revamped group. We are currently looking one more more skilled and dedicated players to complete our core raiding roster. We have openings for the following classes/specs:

- Holy Paladin (high)
- Resto Druid (high)
- Excellent players of other classes are always considered.

We are looking for a player with progression raiding experience (not necessarily MoP). We will adjust our current class/role makeup to accommodate a skilled and experienced player that fits well into our team.

Our progression 10man raid is currently scheduled for Fridays and Mondays at 7:30pm server time (Pacific Time); raids continue until 10:30pm. We expect at least 90% attendance.

Please send an in-game message or mail to Salvadorpali (Salvadorpali#1146), or Erysse (Sharahbear#1810), for further details.
Bump, still looking.
^ ( ^.^ ) ^ B U M P ^ ( ^.^ ) ^
Bump, looking for an OT.
Still looking for an OT.
Bump, still looking for an OT.
Still looking for an OT!
Bump, need OT/healer.
If you guys are interested in a resto druid I would be interested. I do not have a OT set yet but working on one.
Sorry Acacian, already have a resto druid, but thank you for the inquiry.

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