HPally - ISO Daytime Raiding (9a-5p EST M-F)

I'm currently looking for a raiding group that raids between 9am and 5pm EST on any working day of the week. My current guild was unable to form any raid groups, and so I have fallen way behind. I'm a dedicated player looking for purpose in the game.

I'm a career healer and am willing to work with you guys to get the content completed. No Normal/Heroic experience yet, but a strong desire to get in there and get it done.

I will happily server hop and faction hop if you are serious about having me and getting to work.

If you need other roles filled, I've got a number of other fresh 90 characters as well. Specs can be change as needed and all will need help getting geared if you want them. They are as follows:

90 Priest - Shadow spec but have experience healing both disc and holy
90 Druid - Resto/Boomkin, low ilvl, LOVE Resto
90 Warrior
90 Warlock
89.9 Rogue

Let me know if you're interested.

Xel#1972 talk to me in game if interested thanks
Team Monkey is 10 man Morning/daytime HORDE Raid Team on EItrigg US . We are looking to progress into ToT And this raid tier but to do so we need consistant attendance and quality people.
Full Info is as follows.

Loot: Loot council
VoIP: vent
Raid Times: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm server time Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, . Server is Central standard.
If you are applying as dps we expect you to equal players with your current gearscore in WoL . Classes we could use.

Warrior: Fury/arms
Rogue:Closed ( exceptions could be made for exceptional raiders).
Deathknight: frost/unholy
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Closed
Warlock: closed
Shaman: closed
Paladin: holy/ret
Priest : closed
Druid : open for resto/boomkin or exceptional feral dps.
Monk : Mistweaver/windwalker
We are always on the lookout for exceptional players so do not be afraid to apply if a class is closed for now.

We offer:
Guild Website
Mumble Voice service
A professional raid environment
A fun environment to raid in

Trial process :

1. How you will pass the trial period without any issue :
BE punctual - BE on time every scheduled raid day 15 minutes before raid time.
BE ready - BE prepared potions/flasks/ food ( even if it is provided by the team) Have your Gear optimized and do everything in your power to output more ( heals/survivability/dps)
Attitude - We understand that Not everyone's personality's fit, however we expect you to act as you would in the workplace when faced with socially challenging situations, ( don't be a baby) contact me! anduriel#1298

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