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Whats the damn number for customer support.
What is your issue?
Google "blizzard phone number"

Although it is preferred you open a ticket through the website.
Go here:

And follow the prompts.

if you actually need to talk to Billing it'll give you the numbers. Its seldom necessary to actually talk to them

Edit: There is no number for Customer Support. Only Billing and Tech Support. Customer Support is handled through the ticketing system
01/03/2013 01:07 PMPosted by Molione
Whats the damn number for customer support.

From what I can see, Molione, you seem to be having an issue adding a subscription option for the account. Is that right? Can you tell me which account you are doing this on (i.e. WOW1/WOW2)?

Are you getting an error message of some kind when you attempt it? Have you created a Billing Profile for the method of payment you are using?

Have you tried using a different browser? Mac users have been experiencing an issue with Chrome and Safari, and trying Firefox usually helps.
Blizzard doesn't want us giving out the numbers on the forums.

Go here:

And follow the prompts.

If you actually need to talk to Billing it'll give you the numbers. Its seldom necessary to actually talk to them

If you're going to post here, please follow Blizz's guidelines. Not your own
01/03/2013 02:41 PMPosted by Skjellyfetti
Whats the damn number for customer support.

Billing and Account Services Phone Support - 1 (800) 59-BLIZZ (1 (800) 592 5499)
Canada 1-800-592-5499
United States 1-800-592-5499
We have also provided the following numbers for our international customers:
Argentina 0800-333-0778
Australia 1-800-041-378
Chile 1230-020-5554
Mexico 001-888-578-7628
New Zealand 1-800-452-520

While we appreciate you trying to assist by providing the phone numbers, Skjellyfetti, the ticket system is designed to guide the player to find the answer on their own. I kindly request you refrain from posting the phone numbers and instead refer our players to open a ticket.
01/03/2013 08:21 PMPosted by Goldenmax
the in game one, says it's going to be 3 days and some hours before I'll get any type of response from a GM!

So just wait on that one. Submitting one through the website would just put another one at the back of the line - which would waste your time.

The problem, quite simply, is that people have been calling for things that either cannot be helped with over the phones (suspension/ban appeals, item restorations, etc.) or things that GMs can't help with at all (bugged quests, suggestions, etc.).

That clogs up the phone lines and makes it so that people who have issues which REQUIRE a phone call can't use them.

So Blizzard wants people to start with the support websites. Could they be better? Absolutely - and there are feedback links on the pages so you can submit any suggestions you have.
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Goledenmax you have a point, but there are a few counters to it.

1. Many many people were calling for things that the Billing and Tech folks could not help with. That clogged up the phone lines and really hurt those who needed help. Most of the things the called for...really... could not be dealt with. Bugs, quest issues, bans, complaints, suggestions etc...not something they can help with. The new ticket system tries to send only things that CAN be dealt with to Billing/Tech.
2. The ticket system shows the average time for tickets, not for just your issue. That means complicated issues that were escalated are factored into the average. Your issue, if it is normal, should be answered much faster. This is especially true if you made a well thought out and concise ticket.
Golden, if you would like to suggest a change in the policy, then you need to do so in the correct place. As it stands, a Blizzard forum rep has already stated that it needs to be done a certain way now and they do not want the numbers given out on the forums. If a player needs to call them, they will be directed to do so in the ticket creation process on the support site.
01/03/2013 10:15 PMPosted by Goldenmax
And all game problems should be able to be handled by one or one or the other.

Game problems cannot be handled over the phone. Only Billing and Technical support problems. People were calling in simply because they didn't want to wait in the ticket queue.

01/03/2013 10:15 PMPosted by Goldenmax
no one should be chided for wanting a support number.

Well, they aren't being. They're being told that if they have a problem which the phone support can help with, the ticket page will give them the numbers. Otherwise, they should not be calling, since nobody on the phone can help them.
I do see your petition Golden, and submitting it that way is fine - I am a little puzzled and concerned why you weren't able to submit it on the web though - this is definitely an issue that should have been able to be done through that interface.

Was it you couldn't find the right prompts/articles - or possibly a browser issue? You should always be able to submit something from the web. If it's a browser issue can I ask which one you are using - and if you've tried clearing your cache/cookies?
If the phone lines are being clogged due to people calling for things that can be handled wthout a call, then it is sometimes necessary to only give the phone number when there is a reason to. As Vrakthis suggested did you try using a different browser? Possibly clearing the cache and or cookies in the browser you use? And does anything here help?

Edit, the Panda beat me to it :)
So you guys hide your support numbers and chastise anyone for actually answering a question?

Maybe if he waited 48 hours and then answered his question it would be acceptable?
So you guys hide your support numbers and chastise anyone for actually answering a question?

Maybe if he waited 48 hours and then answered his question it would be acceptable?

Obviously you didn't read the rest of the thread.

There is a REASON they don't put them out front right now.

More than 1/2 of the people calling in, are for issues calling in does no good for.
Doing it the current way, if its an issue that is not don't by calling in, they are not given the phone number, and if it is, they are.
This should reduce the load calling in and make it easier for those who DO need to call in, to do so.
I think leaving the phone numbers visable while asking they not be posted sends a mixed message.

A simple search of this forum brings you right to this page...and the phone numbers we're being asked not to post.

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