[A] 2/12 LF DPS and HEALS 25man 3day week EST

Guild Recruitment
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<Of Hells Design> is currently recruiting mature, serious, and skilled players for our raiding team. That sustain having high attendance for our raid times. We are looking for some heals and DPS. ESPECIALLY WARLOCKS! WARLOCKS WARLOCKS WARLOCKS!! I think that made it more clear :D

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 8:30pm EST to 12am
Wednesday: 8:30pm EST to 12am
Thursday: 8:30pm EST to 12am

Additionally we do other things on off nights like transmog runs, alt runs, rare farming, etc. We'd like to get back into PVPing as a guild as well. Prior to patch 4.3 we had an RBG team @ 1700 rating. Although presently PVE is our main focus.

**These are the classes/roles we are willing to take. Not the number of players we are recruiting**
Druid: Balance/Feral/ Resto
Priest: Shadow
Paladin: Holy
Shaman: Any
Warlock: Any
Warrior: DPS
Rogue: Any
Monk: Heal

Of Hells Design
OHD is a guild with a relaxed atmosphere that focuses on progression PvE raiding. We maintain a fun and relaxed attitude both in and outside of our raids, while retaining the ability to focus on downing content in a timely manner.

What we expect from our raiders:
    Members are expected to always bring their "A game" to raids to help ensure we do our best while working on current progression content.
    Members are expected to always show up for raids early so that the raid can start on time and leave plenty of time for other measures.
    Members are expected to always bring all of the necessary items they require for raids; food, flasks, potions, etc.
    Members are expected to strive to be the absolute best they can at which ever role/class they play. (ex: Theorycrafting/ testing researched information).
    Members are expected to be available for each raid night during the week. (Obviously last minute real life changes are acceptable, we just like to know whats going on if possible)
    Members are expected to be friendly, helpful, and respectful of other players whether they are in guild or not.

Loot System and Rules:
We currently use an EP/GP based loot system that has a 15% weekly decay. We reward raiders additional points for being on time and donations of goods to the guild bank (with a cap per week).

If you would like to speak to someone in guild management, they are listed below.

Guild Website: http://ofhellsdesign.shivtr.com/
Guild Email: ofhellsdesign@gmail.com
GM: Ysosrslawl (real id: thegod526@gmail.com) (Battletag: Ysosrslawl%1721)
Skype: Y.so.srs
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