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I got ashes and ony both in the last month. I've been farming ony on multiple toons since early cata, and this week it dropped for me and for 2 other guildies.

Ashes was very quick, 2nd solo kill.
All the hate.
02/12/2013 11:46 AMPosted by Ilthiran

Why.. Why would you bring this thread back just to say that..
i wanna hurt people when that mage and enginerr are on me at the same time 0o
why would you come back just to say why would you come back to say 0o why would eh why 0o
mutter mutter mutter...

Atumen on two toons for months (if not years): No mount
Headless horseman every lock out since TBC: No mount
Brewfest: Every lockout since TBC bar a couple in 5.0: No mount (I the kodo drop once back when you rolled on it and a friend won it).
haha i got it on the first try yesterday also xD i am so happy right now!
I won't sling hate towards anyone getting Ashes, but I will say that I'm jealous!

Another attempt tonight! Good luck to me!
Farmed Raven Lord for 4 months on my rogue til I finally got it to drop. A week later, I tanked my first MoP random heroic and I got the Raven Lord in the tank satchel.

Couldn't bring myself to destroy it...its in my bank.
I have the white hawkstrider and the Razzashi Raptor, both got during 3.3. Since then I haven't seen a rare mount drop.

My luck is so bad it spills over onto other people when they're near me. Back in Firelands I was running solid for months and the one week I missed raid Flametalon dropped.

This tier my raid hasn't seen a single rare boss pet/mount but whenever my guildies PUG on alts and I'm not in the run a Spawn of Horridon/Clutch of Ji'kun/Mini Animus/Mini Ji'kun/Mini Horridon/2+ Sandlings drop.

I'm an RNG blackhole.
I had Ashes drop twice within three days.. O.O I passed for my guildmate the first and won it with her there two days later.
A lot of people probably hate you right now.

I don't, but then it took me >10 tries. Call me when you get Riverdare/Blue Protodrake in one try. I've probably ran each of those hundreds of times and never seen either drop.
It took me some time however I managed to get my Ashes of Al'ar.

That said...I was quite miffed when Blizz removed the old ZG after 3 years of farming for the Zulian Tiger mount. Wish blizz would have told me my account was cursed so I wouldnt have wasted the time farming something id never get =P
I always like these threads because while the OP universally deserves to be shunned for 6 years for their luck, there are always tons of posts by equally embittered RNG slaves reassuring me that I'm not alone. lol
Ashes dropped for me when running Tempest with my wife. Awkward moment ensues.

Then I win the roll - SCORE!

I mean, "Oh I'm sorry love, would you like the mount?" ', it's ok you play more'

SO I took it ;)

Now I run both her characters through Tempest weekly trying to get her the mount.


Was in Deepholm farming mats and with 10mins left on treasure potion offered in General chat to run any low 80's through stonecore real quick.
One person accepted and I started running them. Just before the drake boss he asked, "You running this for the mount?'
Me: "Nah, just bored"

We kill the drake - and the damm mount drops!!. I win it.

Result :)

GRATS. It took me 1-2 casts to fish up the rare Turtle mount in Northrend. The funny thing is, I wasn't aiming for it.
Congratulations! That's some good luck you have.

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