Tredalater looking for daytime raiding guild

I'm looking for a daytime (8am-5pm)Mon,Tues and Wednesday raiding guild. Those are my days off work. I'm on just about everyday but those are the times I can dedicate to raids. Even 2 of 3 days would work for me. I have a 90 demo lock,90 prot/fury warrior and a soon to be 90 dps-dk. I have been raiding since Vanilla WoW (when you needed your Blood to get into 60 Ony, Scholo was 10 man and UBRS was a 15 man) in a few guilds with my warrior whose name I changed. (Tredalater)Used to be in Levity, Shadow Tribe, Remnants....Ponter, Whaler,Gandlion,Orionah,Butters,Nomage and a few others---where you guys at?!?
Meh , if you wouldn't mind server xfering to Stormrage - check out Ante Meridiem :) 8 AM CST - 11 AM CST , fri/sat/mon I think.
Get out of here lion! hehe. Drachefaust raids Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays 8-11am. Check us out if you are interested.

yeah , DF's a good guild too :p
Thanks Lionblaze, my application has been submitted on your site.
Edgrr - I don't see it up atm, if you're still interested it's or hit me up on r id -bl4ze#1673

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