Wintergrasp Siege and Stack Bug

Bug Report
I have done Wintergrasp a few times today.
Each time I would encounter a few strange things.

After getting up 10 stacks of Corporal for Lieutenant, I will make a Siege.

As I am going down the road, the Siege will just de-spawn, as if WG had ended.
About 30 seconds later, all of my Corporal stacks will de-spawn and I will have to kill 10 opposing faction members to get Lieutenant again.

Once finishing ANOTHER 10 stacks, I get a Siege and the same thing happens.

Couldn't down any towers as it was happening to everyone in my raid.

I tried WG a few more times today and it seems to only happen at Flamewatch Tower.

The tower doesn't seem to be controlled by the enemy faction, even through we are defending.
Upon approach, the vehicle just explodes.

If you run up to the tower, the NPCs are attacking the turrets even though it's supposed to be THEIR tower.
You are not alone; I have submitted three bug reports on this now.

You are correct in believing that it only happens in proximity to the Flamewatch Tower. If you get too close to it , your siege will self-destruct and your rank with drop back to recruit...forcing you to kill enemies or npcs again to regain the rank of Lieutenant. I too have noticed that the guns on the tower are green (friendly to you), which is further evidence of a problem.

From what I've seen here on the forums...and the lack of response I've received concerning my many reports of this bug...I'm lead to believe that fatal asphyxia would likely result if I were to hold my breath waiting for it to be addressed.

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