Anti-Garrosh Riot RP Event! THANKS ALL!

Wyrmrest Accord
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Actual Riot- Sat, January 5th, 6pm, main square Orgrimmar
First Rebel Meeting - Wed, Dec 19th, 6pm, Echo Isles above Vol'Jin's hut
Second Rebel Meeting - Wed, Dec 26th, 6pm, Echo Isles above Vol'Jin's hut
Last Rebel Meeting - Wed, Jan 2nd, 6pm, Echo Isles above Vol'Jin's hut

Okay, folks! Here's the plan! Those participating, please /join orgriots The orgriots channel will be used as our raid so that level doesn't matter and we can all communicate OOCly. Both sides are planning things out to keep it a nice clean event OOCly. :) Keepin the drama IC.

Rebels: - please arrive at about 5:30 for prep and mark in your RP flag how you want to die! In the street, public execution, etc. Those who are dying, please post the name of the character being sacrificed in this thread so they can be memorialized later. We'll have an IC thread reflecting on the events for both sides.

Oppressors: - Please mark in your RP flag if/how you want to be injured in the riots in Current Info. The rebels will be gathering in the Valley of Strength at 6pm for the confrontation. Some will be killed on the spot while others will be rounded up and marched to the Valley of Honor for a public execution.

Pre-riot IC reflections: Feel free to contribute to this thread here if you like!

Post-riot IC reflections: Will be starting a thread for that after the 5th.

For the sake of organization, please post OOC questions and concerns in this thread so everyone's on the same page!


Have a character you plan on deleting anyway? Have space for a low lvl you're happy to sacrifice? Wanna go out with a bang defying a Warchief that's clearly lost it? Sign up here to join a riot/protest/suicide mission where we can do exactly that! Kor'kon who wish to show up and bash some heads are more than welcome!

The idea is to get folks worked up before everything comes to a head. We know that Blizz plans to have Garrosh overthrown and things like this don't happen without the deaths of the first to speak up. People get hurt, people die, people make sacrifices for their causes, especially when someone like the Warchief Garrosh has become is the one being risen against. Let's make some martyrs! Let's make it big and public! Something for our mains to discuss and remember years down the line.

Some will be shot in the street, some will be rounded up, questioned, executed... It won't be pretty.

Some ground rules:

1) If you want to be involved but don't want your character to die we need to plan that out ahead of time with the 'oppressors'. Escape, masks, pseudonyms. Surviving characters don't get to take credit for their participation till it's safe to do so, after the regime change.

2) Brutality is expected, racism is expected, etc and so on. Be prepared for things to get ugly. All of this is IC. If you think you might take it personally out of character then please stick to the sidelines to avoid OOC drama.

3) Sexual assault is NOT included in the above. That is out of bounds. Hopefully this goes without saying but just in case - big resounding NO on any sort of sexual assault.

Suggestions welcome!

I'm planning to sacrifice my Goblin Shaman for the cause. How about you?

Since we've got so many people wanting to join on yet unnamed characters I'm gonna just put contact info in the main page instead of a literal sign up, between mains and alts I'm gettin a little discombobulated.

I'll be running the Riot scene's Rebel side as Tezsla. Am looking for a volunteer to help run and organize the Enforcers and be in touch with me on that!

The meeting place will be above Vol'Jin's hut in the Echo Isles. Seems appropriate. If it gets crowded we can move downstairs. Enforcers, please do not crash! I'm thinking about 6pm server time on Wed for the first meeting. How's that sound, folks?
I would be eager to roll a toon for this! Sadly, the only lowbie I would be willing to sacrific is Alliance, but rolling a 1 level is easy enough.
I have room to roll an expendable character. What do I need to do?
I think it'll depend on how many want in and what roles people want to play! This is in the early brainstorming/planning stages. :)
My elf would totally be down with that.

If she, you know, wouldn't be instantly slaughtered as soon as she got within 100 miles of the place.
My troll can tag along, I haven't had a chance to RP as him yet.
Actually, I changed my mind from earlier. I'll be fine sacrificing this character, I can create a new person with MRP just for this.
Skoggus will be happy to string them up by their feet and drain the red out.
I'ma make a list of rebels and enforcers who want to be involved on the first post! So lemme know which part you wanna play :D
Rebel for sure.

Angrella that is. >>
Garrosh'kar will be there with our war scorpids.
U-um, I'll be there meekly supporting Anti-Garrosh chants from behind lots of people, only to get caught up in the middle of the riots and subsequent slaughter.
As much as I support the resistance... "Nothing is more important to the sin'dorei than survival." I'm taking that to heart.
Awesome! :D I'm sticking to listing the actual toons involved just for simplicity of finding folks when it all goes down. And on that note, it'll probably be in the evening. What do you guys think of January 5th for the actual event? We could have our rebels meet up IC before that for secret meetings and build up drama.

Characters not being sacrificed but with rebel sympathies are welcome to attend meetings as well :D
I would be happy to bash some skulls in. Death to those who defy the Warchief!
I support this.
Mmm.. I love the smell of fresh blood in the morning! The Slaughtermaster will be there to remove some heads.
I'ld be glad to roll a Tauren alt for this.

I've got characters that would fit on either side - a paladin who, while I'm not willing to sacrifice her, would probably show up for meetings, possibly bring food and be ready to meet anyone who escapes to help them out, and a rogue who would be all too happy to make heads roll.

I just need to decide who I want to get involved on.

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