Profession Leveling Kits!

Whatsup Darkspear?

I'd like to introduce you all to my new profession leveling kits! The only kit I currently have available is an Alchemy Kit. But in the near future, I'll be selling Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing and Engineering Kits! But for now, If you are interested in buying my Alchemy Kit, reply to this post or send me a message in game to discuss prices!

Have fun out there,

UPDATE: The Alchemy Kit has been sold. Stay tuned to the next Kit!
12/14/2012 07:26 PMPosted by Ghostech

NEW Profession Leveling Kit available NOW! Powerlevel Jewelcrafting from 1-600 with ease! If you are interested in buying this kit, message me in game to discuss price and delivery.

-The cost of leveling jewelcrafting is huge so don't expect the kit to be cheap. Regardless, if you're serious about leveling jewelcrafting 100% quick and easy, Send me a whisper.
do you have an Engineering kit?
pst me in game and ill buy a bs kit

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