Gearing Difficulties

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looks like everybody forgot about this....

still no blue post or patch notes on potential changes
Very good thread.
I really hope they consider's OP's ideas. They are amazing!
12/21/2012 02:07 AMPosted by Poho
truthfully, i'll be in great support of overall removal of pvp power.

I don't think removal of pvp power is a good solution. It pretty much negates the use of pve gear, which was an issue in cata.
This needs to be addressed. All the focus on class balance has been nice, but the glaring issue with MoP has yet to be adressed. In Cata we screamed for MORE CONTENT. In MoP, pretty much everyone is desperately screaming for LESS GATEWAYS. Everything about this expac from pve to pvp is discouraging for alts (a traditionally awesome and fun time investment--I like to enjoy multiple classes in the endgame, this expac makes that experience very frustrating).

Don't make us wait another expac for you to say "well the issue with MoP was we provided too much content, with too many restrictions, and too much grind. We realize MoP destroyed alts. We've decided to fix that 2 years later with the release of ____________."
I support this and hope Blizzard sees fit to implement this system or a similar one into PvP to assist with gearing.

Specific reasons why this is good and continues to reinforce continued play:

1. A set increase of a minimum amount of conquest points each week to the cap, for instance 1500. This should be unaffected by rating since that character did not participate those weeks.

IE: a 2700 player misses 4 weeks, so they now have 6000 points waiting for them. If they had played those 4 weeks, their cap would have been much higher, meaning they are missing out on a large portion of the points they would have received if they had played continuously. The same would be true of a 1300 player, although much less pronounced. This means that the returning player will be able to make up for some of their lost time, but they will still be slightly behind other active players.

2. In order to get the missed points, the arenas/RBGs should award the same amount no matter how close to the cap they are.

IE: a player misses 4 weeks. They now have 6000 points they can make up. In order to get those 6000 points and catch up, they will have to win 34 arenas or 15 RBGs in order to receive their points. They also have to do this against players that have already spent those points, meaning they will face a significant disadvantage, much like today.

The biggest difference that this change would make is that it keeps the disadvantage for not participating continuously, but allow a motivated player to lessen that disadvantage. Returning players would still face a challenge in gearing up and will be slightly behind active players, but they would be able to lessen the massive gap to a more manageable level if they put in the effort to recover those lost points.
make arena like challenge modes, scale down gear to certain levels within specific bracket ranges.
remove T2 weapons, remove min earned point to buy T1.

give people who break 2200+ rewards they can purchase, that will have no effect on gameplay, but something that will still make them want to play for.

like some actually good looking PVP set transmogs (PVE art > PVP art), mounts, battle pets, titles, upgraded spell efffects, unique looking pets(dk,mage,hunter,warlock etc.) whatever will keep people intrested

add more unique rewards for 2400+ etc.
Or if what we're requesting is too much, how about permanent arena tournament realms
Er I mean bump
Rather than this, why are there even caps? Leave the point requirement for weapons(raise if necessary) and adjust the points per win to rating. Same with Valor. Not like we ever have to wait for honor to reset.
Agree 100% Id love to play my alts, but its just not worth it.

Hell alts alone could solve a large part of the participation issue.
I want to arena on my rogue, but I cannot. This !@#$ needs to be fixed and we need a god dam blue post.
Great post. Would like to hear a blue response.
+1. No reason not to implement these changes.

Please at least give us a response Blizzard!
This toon started the season late and gearing up is very stressful, I have an 89 Paladin that would love to hit 90, but there's just no point this late into the season. Unless there's a change my alt would just have to wait till the start of the next season? Makes no sense.

/support this thread
very good points here
+1. No reason not to implement these changes.

Please at least give us a response Blizzard!

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