Gearing Difficulties

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Just read through the entire set again. 6 days, 200 posts, 95% or more in agreement with the basic concept that gearing an alt at moment is like gouging your eyes out. No response of just "ok we hear you, taking it to proper people." No flame wars, the most constructive thread I've ever read. The PVP community agreeing and screaming for help. No hot fix of PUTTING IN PVP WEAPONS not locked behind a 4 week grind of conquest (at minimum).

My concern I guess is this, I know you guys thought upgrading the gear was a good way to solve the complaints of people sitting on ranking over a ratings decay. Have we learned anything yet?

I think the PVP community can't be any clearer on this issue, great posts guys. Thanks again Nadda.
I remember about two and a half weeks ago when i finally got done farming all the blue honor gear from bg's on my mage (i even upgraded all of the blues to 466), i armoryd one of the top mages on bg9 to see how my stats looked compared to his. I was shocked when i saw how much better his stats were, he had an extra 6.5k spell power, 23% more pvp power and 10% more pvp resilience.

Now i knew he was going have better stats than me but i didn't think it would be THAT MUCH BETTER. I mean 6.5k extra spell power alone is a MASSIVE difference but then you factor in the other two numbers, and it actually made me realize that there is absolutely no way that I can be competitive or catch up on gear this season.

Even if the game was perfectly balanced the current gear discrepancy would still make for extremely one sided play. This problem is right up there with class balance in my mind, and something really needs to be done.

Where you at Blues?

Where you at Blues?

Busy implementing that you can recieve charms of fortune through pet battles.
I understand that this issue is extremely multi-faceted but it needs to be addressed. These gearing issues are directly tied to arena/rbg participation. Nobody wants to arena/rbg with gear that handicaps them so severely. There is no reason conquest gear should so significantly overpower honor gear. There is no reason a player should fall so far behind that they cannot competitively pvp for the remainder of a season.
Why hasn't any blue addressed or even ACKNOWLEDGED this as a PROBLEM? Starting to feel like PVEers are all that matter and everyone who arenas competitively is stupid/wrong/worthless or just plain insane.

I can't believe I've invested so much energy, thought, time and attention to an aspect of a game whose developers literally DO NOT CARE about. In a way, I guess it really is our fault. We deserve it for having hope.
Bump and still waiting for blues. At this points its like waiting for jesus to return...

Q Upgradeable gear is okay for honor gear, but it shouldn't be for Conquest, as it'll take months to catch up. Thoughts?

A Problem with catch up (PvE or PvP) is it encourages everyone to play less. We like playing more to feel like it's worth it.

ok..... if anything this is making me play less arena seasons dont last forever working towards this gear and trying to upgrade it will be pointless effort when the next season starts and will make the gear obsolete.
Yep this new upgrade this has gota go its pretty simple, good for pve not good for pvp. I missed on weeks cap and im still mad about it. And in cata I played about 5 classes in arenas some just for fun but at least i could play and gear up. This season iv had to play just my rogue and we all know how good rogues are doing... WORST SEASON EVER!
Poor hybrids have to stick to one spec. Gearing multiple specs was fun. Gear is just ridiculous right now.
I really loathe the explanation that this is an RPG and gearing is a part of it... PVP is primarily done for the experience not gear. If I have to play 5 matches to cap points but I enjoy my class, its mechanics, and arena.. I'll do many more matches by choice. Furthermore when you are under geared ex lacking t1 weapon, it's just not as fun to play matches for sport, rather you just cap and stop because it's usually an un-fun challenge.
Still no blue response to the seemingly unanimous opinion that catching up on gear needs to be much easier.
I only recently returned to the game (last week) after taking a break for the fall semester, and realized that there is no reason for me to play it until next season. I looked at the Malevolent gear and realized that there is no way playing would be fun this season.

I would like to play this season :(
uh.. BUMP
excellent post.

reason for the problem is this.. blizz always had problems pulling out their calculator and figuring out how a change they made would ACTUALLY play out.

one primary slot honor item = 2250 honor.. (what happened to 2200? ha)

one losing game of EOTS = roughly 100 honor, and 12-20 mins.

do the math. see how agonizing utterly ridiculously slow it is just to gear up in honor gear? and its hardly worth it since the honor gear is i458 and the crafted is 450. what the hell is the point of that? SOOOOOO painful to pvp lately.

if blizz is gonna fail to balance the game, then it should be EASY to switch from char A to char B, whether it be on a permanent basis or not.
Still no mention of blue PVP weapons, either?

PVP power is THE stat to have and it just isn't available aside from t1/t2 conquest.
I say 2 months before we see a single blue post in any pvp/arena thread.
12/28/2012 10:24 PMPosted by Imij
I say 2 months before we see a single blue post in any pvp/arena thread.

They don't know how to post in constructive pvp threads, only ones that have some meaningless side-related question.
Bump for justice.

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